Vince Young: ‘Yeah, I’m that dumb’

INDIANAPOLIS — Texas quarterback Vince Young is rumored to have scored a six on his Wonderlic test, which is well below the average.

But reports have surfaced that Young is not phased that he did poorly on the intelligence test.

“I fucked that thing right up,” said Young, who’s thought to be a top-five pick. “It don’t matter how smart I am, as long as I can play.”

While sending a poor message to the youth of America, Young has a point.

Last year’s top overall pick, Alex Smith, scored a 40 out of a possible 50 points on his test.

“Alex be real smart,” said Young, illiterate. “But look at him. He suck. Suck shit. I whoop ‘is ass.”

USC’s Matt Leinart, also a projected top-five pick, scored a 35 on his exam.

“There were no ballroom dancing questions,” said Leinart.


“But still, I’m a smart guy. And fucking great looking.”

“He ain’t smart,” responded Young. “He’s a dumb cracker-ass bitch.”

Reporters were not sure what a “cracker-ass bitch” was, but Young said that it is not served with soup at the local diner.

In other news: Kevin Garnett has been fined $5,000 for throwing his soft drink on Ron Artest.


5 Responses

  1. Vince Young, scores sixes on the field and one the Wonderlick. Fitting.

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