What to read…

…while you take the Cream and Clear and proceed to do an “American Idol” parody in full drag:

The Hater Nation likes to compare J.J. Redick to Peyton Manning. Fair. Mean. But fair.

Deadspin’s Will “the thrill” Leitch looked like an aging Will Clark against John Rocker on Monday.

-The all-powerful Mighty MJD plays Merriam-Webster and tells us what is and what is not a sport.

-The Insomniac’s Lounge has had a facelift…and it looks great! See for yourself.

And some newcomers this week…

The Sports Page is up and kickin’ and the layout is looking real nice.

-The Zany Sports Lady blogs and has a radio show. Multi-tasking at its finest.


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  1. I appreciate the kind words my friend… 🙂

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