There will be no peace in Indiana, Kelvin

Indiana has found its replacement to Mike Davis. His name is Kelvin Sampson and he likes denim dress shirts.

Sampson, who has been the coach at Oklahoma for the past 12 years, found it fitting to leave his solid program to go to one where he’ll be expected to fill the shoes of this guy.

As the Sooners’ coach, Sampson had gotten used to red ties. Whether he’ll be allowed to wear a denim shirt at IU is still unclear, though he may be expected to a wear a V-neck sweater.

Sampson being named the Hoosiers’ coach seems a tad odd for several reasons. First, his name isn’t Steve Alford. And second through fourth, his name isn’t Mark Few (Gonzaga), John Calipari (Memphis) or Randy Wittman (Orlando Magic assistant).

Sampson is a very good coach and an excellent dresser. Any man confident enough to wear denim above the waist is ok by us. Way to go Mr. Sampson! Best of luck at Indiana. No pressure or nothing. C’mon, Mike Davis got to the Final Four just four years ago and is now out of work. No pressure at all.

In other news: Suns’ forward Amare Stoudemire received treatment on his knee Tuesday after Tanya Harding had the young superstar beat up.


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