To read today

What to read while you drink some Kool-Aid with Joakim Noah:

YAY Sports! – These fellas got all the Final Four teams right! Wow. They’re not full of shit or anything.

The Hater Nation – Will Aaron Brooks save the day for the Raiders? Just ask our homeboy, Lil’ Hater.

Mr. Irrelevant – He was in D.C. for the Regional Semis and Finals. Wow! Real reporting. Cool.

Deadspin – They were mentioned in Sports Illustrated. Now that’s big time.

Insomniac’s Lounge – He’s the only UCLA fan we know. Congrats! (We guess…fucking Bruins).

The Sports Page – Jeff’s got the best banner in the biz. Now if only he’d make one for us… (nudge, nudge).

The Mighty MJD – This story is old, but perhaps the funniest thing we’ve ever read.

The Sports Pulse – They dig deep to find famous alum from George Mason. The results are by no means impressive.


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