Make the right decisions, get FREE money

We’re back with news from Online Poker Rakeback, our bestest friend in the universe. For those of you not familiar with OPR, you have two options:

1. Get familiar with OPR by signing up for a new poker account.
2. Drink your single-malt scotch while trying to remember whether or not the gun is loaded.

We highly suggest the first one — both for your sake and ours. See, if you go sign up at Online Poker Rakeback, you will get FREE money and we will get a small sum of dough that will be directly wired to our off-shore account. It’s really a win-win situation for everyone.

(Please be sure to use the referral code: “The Big Picture” when you sign up).

To read how OPR works, check out our previous posts on the subject, here and here.

With the money you’ll be getting back, again, you have two options:

1. Buy that special someone a nice gift (perhaps that Tiffany’s bracelet your girlfriend won’t shut up about).
2. Buy yourself a nice gift (perhaps that street girl who’s always looking to have a good time).

That choice is tough, unlike signing up at OPR.


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