People like T-shirts, condone rape

In a story that has put our faith in human decency into serious question, The Herald-Sun (North Carolina) reported Wednesday that sales for Duke Lacrosse merchandise have increased over the last month as students show — gasp — support for the lacrosse squad.

Why? Because people condone (alleged) rape, apparently. We can’t really fathom why people are choosing to associate with Duke Lax right now, opposed to say two months ago when they just played a silly game with netted sticks instead of stirring up racial tensions in what we’ve learned is a really, really fucked up city dynamic.

(Whew. Long sentence. Probably ran on.)

Anyway, this just makes no sense to us. We may suggest some pretty awful stuff on this site, but in no way are we OK with alleged rape. (You already know how we feel about Kobe Brapistyant.)

This is hardly the time to support a program that is making Barry Bonds look only like the Devil’s homeboy (opposed to, you know, the Devil himself). Duke lacrosse fucked up big time, and based on some of the reports coming out of Durham, we should’ve seen something like this coming.

As disgusting as the lacrosse team is to us right now, this story is making us want to puke on mankind.

In other news: The Baltimore Orioles beat the Cleveland Indians 18-9 Wednesday behind six field goals from Miguel Tejada.

-Adam Landres-Schnur


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