Julio Franco is old

Our boy Julio Franco (who, oddly, is old enough to be our father) just hit a home run. While this milestone puts him ahead of sluggers like Barry Bonds and Manny Ramirez at one homer on the year, it also marks the Mets’ utility man as the oldest guy to ever hit a home run in the Majors.

At 157, Julio Franco is holding up well. His body has been good to him, he can move okay and he still likely pulls more pussy than anyone else on the Mets (minus Mr. Met, of course).

We have absolutely zero confirmation on this lead, but we’ve heard rumors that Franco and American patriot, George Mason, go way back…like to the 18th century.

We think this whole home run thing is pretty cool. Being a journeyman, we’re disappointed we never got to see Franco out here on the West Coast, but we raise our glass to him. If he can hit a deep shot at the age of 157 and we couldn’t hit one in our prime, well, Julio is just a better man than we will ever be.

Thank you, Julio, for being a cool, old dude. We salute you.

In other baseball news: Cubs’ slugger Derrek Lee will miss 8-10 weeks with a fractured wrist he suffered while socializing with Mark Prior, Kerry Wood and the rest of the injury-plagued Cubs.


2 Responses

  1. Way to go, Zach. You know this blog used to be like the coolest. But now it is just one big (expletive) add for TOPPs trading cards.

    I hope you are proud of yourself. I have no idea how you sleep at night.

  2. Great story…I’m still laughing man.

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