Hockey (yeah, in America)

The Stanley Cup playoffs are under way, exciting about 27 people in the United States. Ironically, three quarters of this year’s playoff squads are from America. Neat.

We won’t try to be all cool and pretend that we know hockey. We once watched an NHL game, but that’s about all. Though there is a lot about the NHL playoffs that is really kinda cool. There’s a ton of energy and excitement, quality play, and there are no fucking ties!

We remember a certain 2000 playoff game between Philadelphia in Pittsburgh that went 5 OTs! That’s nearly three hockey games in one! (We think that’s a good thing — as evident by the overuse of the exclamation point — but perhaps watching a hockey game for the upwards of five hours is more of a punishment than a reward).

We are by no means qualified to make predictions here because, well, we had no idea that Nashville even had a team. But apparently they do and the Predators, as they’re called, are playing our hometown San Jose Sharks. We would perhaps make a bold pick and say the Sharks would win it all, but they’re already down 1-0 in the series.

So if hockey (or gambling) is your thing, check out some predictions and a good read here. If you want people who actually know what they’re talking about, this official source may be more your cup of tea.

By the way, the man in that picture is not a hockey player, but rather a rap artist that goes by the name Lil’ Jon. We suggest that he leaves the “Lil'” out of his name when he talks with women. They may get the wrong idea.

In other news: UCLA sophomore guards Jordan Farmar and Arron Afflalo made themselves eligible for the NBA Draft after being informed that they will be paid more money in the NBA than they will be at UCLA.


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