Another WR! Ok, fine.

-Detroit goes with Ernie Sims, OLB, Florida State. We think Sims is pretty cool — he’s probably done some hard drugs in Talahasse and perhaps wrestled a gator.

-Arizona is on the clock and Leinart is there. If he’s not the pick here, Will at Deadspin may shoot himself, then whoever the Cardinals’ GM is. (But he’d shoot the GM first…kinda hard to do much after you shoot yourself…logicstically and all).

-That was quick! Arizona wastes no time and snags a great QB. And now Leinart has Edge, Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin. Shit. Watch out for Arizona.

-Leinart will be hollerin’ at girls far hotter than this one pictured when in Scottsdale, Ariz. Welcome to the best years of your life, Matt. This should be fun.

-St. Louis is on the clock…Jay Cutler? Wait and see, folks.


One Response

  1. Don’t forget, Leinart will get a chance to learn from future Hall of Famer Kurt Warner.

    But yeah, Leinart gets over on everybody again. Tennessee, Houston, Oakland, et al, will be bad for a long time. He lucked out.

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