San Diego does not give a fuck if you played last year

-The Chargers pass up on Eli Manning and go with Antonio Cromartie, cornerback, Florida State. Jaws hates the pick — in part because Cromartie didn’t play last year — but still Jaws is being a douche.

-Cromatie, pictured, was seen with a child on his lap. We think it’s his, though it may be Matt Leinart’s.

-Chris Berman is not a soothsayer — he just gets the pick before we do.

-Kansas City decides to pick Tamba Hali at No. 20 and we don’t know who he is. But Mel Kiper likes him.

-Mel just mentioned “great motor.” Take 1 drink.

-Anyone else getting beer goggles going? Suzy Kolber is looking good! Guess now we know what Joe Namath was thinking.

-Still no WRs taken. Chad Jackson’s butting his head against a wall.

-New England is on the clock…time for Tom Brady to get a new butt-buddy (receiver)?


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