Mark Cuban blogs, hates money (and refs)

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was fined $200,000 for going onto the court after Game 1 of Dallas’ series against the Spurs and criticizing league officials on his blog, Blog Maverick.

Basically, Mark Cuban isn’t allowed to walk or speak. The NBA is suggesting that Cuban may as well be a crippled mute.

The Association needs to lighten up. Cuban is just saying what everyone’s thinking: “The officials suck more dick than Paris Hilton.”

Here’s what Cuban really said, “(Dick) Bavetta is a finger-fucking, dick-sucking asshole. And he makes bad calls.”

Ok, here’s what Cuban actually said — for real this time. “The playoffs are our money product. As with every business, the best people should be on the job with the money products. That’s not the way the NBA does it when it comes to officials.”

Hiring some people from Dairy Queen to do the job probably wouldn’t cut it.

In other news: Albert Pujols hit his 18th homerun Wednesday after he rubbed some cream and clear on his bat.


2 Responses

  1. “Isn’t allowed to walk or speak”? Actually, being a team owner, he is restricted on making such public statements. By the way, no one is supposed to walk onto the court after the game, regardless of how impotant he thinks he is. The refs in this series have obviously been favoring Dallas, if you see it any other way, you need to become an avid soccer fan and never watch an NBA game again.

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