The Jenn Sterger Mailbag

FSU Cowgirl Jenn Sterger has turned her 15 minutes of fame into what’s become a few months of fame. She’s done Maxim, Playboy and likely a few dudes. She’s also arranged this neat little mailbag where she answers readers’ questions at SI On Campus.

The questions are mainly sports-related, with a few about relationship stuff. But because we used to work for SIOC, we had some special access to all the emails Sterger received. Here are some of those letters that didn’t make the cut:

Do you make house calls?
–Joe, Atlanta

Can we have sex? Like tomorrow.
–Luke, Denver

Hey Jenn. So, um, you cool with double-headers?
–Captain Fred, Lake Minnetonka

What’s your policy on condoms?
–Mike, St. Louis

Are your boobs real? It’s cool if they’re not. But they are real, right?
–Carl, New York

Have you ever done it with a girl? Can you do it with my wife?
–Felix, Omaha

Ever been with a black man?
–LeBron, Cleveland

Did you ever do gymnastics?
–Josh, Memphis

What size t-shirt do you wear? Like a child’s medium?
–Wayne, Miami

Do you travel much? I hear Eagle, Colo. is nice.
–Kobe, Los Angeles

Can I fuck you? Please.
–Stan, Dallas

5 Responses

  1. good stuff! đŸ˜€

  2. Well done. I especially liked the emails from Smoot and Jesus Bron Bron!

  3. Great stuff, Zach.

    “Are you pro-choice?” — Dennis in Arizona.

    “Do you wear spiked heels?” — Chuck in Anaheim.

    “You holding?” — Pacman in Tennesee.

  4. I love you,Jenn.You look really amazing.
    Rene from Austria

  5. You look fine.

    What I like the most is the way you get along both with men and particularly with women.

    An ideal partner.

    Love, from a male admirer.

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