Throwing at people will get you suspended

Houston Astros pitcher Russ Springer is facing a 4-game suspension after intentionally hitting Barry Bonds with a pitch earlier this week. (See the video here, if you dare).

Prior to hitting Bonds, Springer: threw behind him, brushed him back multiple times, called him a liar, called him a cheater, told him that his wife has herpes, told him that he has herpes, threatened to kill his daughter, sent him hate mail, pissed in his coffee, stole his car, told him to go fuck himself, and asked if he wanted to play a game.

Astros manager Phil Garner will serve a 1-game suspension for not controlling Springer’s actions.

Four games seems just about right for throwing at a guy; a malicious act must go punished. Though in the NBA, where a guy can tug at another man’s balls and go unpunished, Springer probably would’ve been promoted or something.

Norv Tuner update: Early Saturday morning and Norv is still in as the 49ers’ offensive coordinator.

3 Responses

  1. guys (and gals, let’s not be sexist here), check out It’s another friend’s sports blog/site, and I’m helping (editing; the stories are his). hope you guys like

  2. Hey So He Got Suspended For Four Games, Big Deal The Ideal Off Time For A Major League Pitcher Is 5 Days. So Most Likely With Three Game Series It Might Screw Up The Rotation For One Day. It Wont Hurt The Astros Just Get Oswalt A Chance To Win Some More Games. Plus Who Doesn’t Want To Hit Bonds.

    Thanks For The Time Ladies And Gentlemen
    Wait Did I Just Agree With What He Did?

  3. you do realize Springer is a reliever, not a starter, right? (meant for sports-afficionado). Starters get suspended for 5 games (so that they miss a start); relievers not necessarily that amount.

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