Your thoughts on 714*

Folks, we need your help.

As Giants fans, we don’t want to talk too much about Bonds’ 714th homer. We have certain biases that probably distort what this monumental homerun really means. We also want to know what the common person has to say about a milestone homer in the Steroid Era.

So, we ask for you, the reader, to weigh in on the topic.

Leave a comment, short or long, funny or serious, tongue and cheek, or just cheek. The best few comments will get a handjob be published in our weekly column in that University of Washington newspaper.

Leave your name, location and age. If you’re a a UW student, leave your year and major, as well.

Thanks for your help!


11 Responses

  1. babe ruth is my hero.

  2. Dont get me wrong, Barry Bonds is a great player. He has one of the best swings in the game with or without the “ROIDS,” but this is Babe Ruth! Babe Ruth is a Legend and Barry is nothing more than a great player. I really didn’t want Ruth’s record to be broken although I know this is going to happen again soon enough. Sad day in baseball for me!

  3. thanks, brandon. that may be article worthy…in fact it probably IS article worhty.

    brandon, if you feel comfortable, give me your age and locatioin so I can include it…you know, like how they do in a real newspaper.


  4. Name: Jordan
    Age: 16
    Location: Coldwater, Ohio

    In my mind, Barry Bonds IS a legend. I think that it is much harder now to hit home runs than it was in Babe Ruth’s time. How many times has Barry tested positive for ‘roids? That’s right, not even once. Just because some people THINK he takes steroids doesn’t mean he does, and doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be recognized as one of the best players to play. If you don’t think the 714 is legitimate, then I would like to see you go and hit 714 while facing a MAJOR LEAGUE pitcher.

  5. thanks, Jordan!

  6. well, as a die hard Giants fan I have very mixed feelings about this. If Barry were legit, and there wasw no doubt about it, I would be ecstatic. As it is, I’m just sad that we can’t enjoy this more. I think that, with or without steroids, this is a huge accomplishment; many other people took steroids, none came close to 714. Sadly, I think that without the juice, he wouldn’t have come close either. I disagree about it being harder to hit homers now. In fact, I think it’s much easier – if he look at the statistics you can see than there are many more homers hit now than in Ruth’s era. Remember, when Ruth took over the career homerun lead in 1921, it was with 139 homers. When he retired he had 250 more homers than Gehrig, who was 2nd on the list. Bonds is a dominant player, but Ruth was in a league of his own.

    What I’m trying to say is this: Bonds may be great, but 714 today doesn’t mean as much as 714 did in Ruth’s day, not by a long shot. Ballparks are smaller, the talent is distributed to many more teams (although the segregation issue makes this point somewhat moot), the bats and balls are better, conditioning, nutritition, equipment are all better now.

    Bonds should now be satisfied – he has the career record for lefties, and he has more homers than any white guy (which I think it is a big deal to him, but you don’t hear about it much). It will be a shame if he passes Aaron, and as much as I would love to see it as a Giants fan and a Bonds supporter, I think it’s better for the game if he doesn’t.

  7. What happened? We totally missed it.

  8. His home-run records will always have an asterik by them in my heart.

    He did get pretty big though…think steroids would work for me? Do you still have to lift weights?

    Go Mariners…? Where’s that beer garden…

    Jeremy Webb
    2006 Economics, History, Political Science

  9. I think it was fitting that Bonds broke the record in baseball’s birthplace of steroids–Oakland Coliseum. It’s a shame that Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco weren’t there to shake his hand when he tied Ruth’s mark.

  10. thanks for playing folks. bunch of great comments, though a few of you came too late. i had to file around 7:30…

  11. Who’s this Barry Bonds ye spake of?

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