Would you do… Lisa Salters?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Big ass

The more in-depth answer: Salters is black, which we don’t usually dig, except for the hidden treasures of such a lady. We haven’t had great looks at her, but we figure she has a nice rump. We’ll cozy up with some black sugar just for that keepsake.

Salters also played for the Penn State basketball team while in college. We see no need to bang an athlete, but they are usually friends with other athletes. You see where this is going, right? Joe Pa!

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Not diggin’ the black sugah.

The more in-depth answer: Salters is all over this bizarre website. Apparently her hair is cool or something. We don’t know or care. But we just really don’t like a web site devoted to hair and we’ll blame Salters for having noteworthy enough hair that makes her the subject of this dreadful page.

The answer: This is a toss-up. We see this situation going two ways:

  1. We get absolutely blitzed — call it 14 Long Islands and a few horse tranquilizers — and cozy up to that bum, eventually plunging away.
  2. We get absolutely blitzed — call it 14 Long Islands and a few horse tranquilizers — but are still thinking rationally enough to reject Salters and her hair.

For the sake of giving a definitive answer: We’ll probably say we would, but it’d take the aforementioned 14 Long Islands and unspecified amount of horse tranquilizers.

All right, folks. Your turn to decide if Salters is worth a cheap screw: post a simple “Y” (for yes, “I’d run through that shit”), or “N” (for no, “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole”) in the comments sections.

Standings: Rachel Nichols was 6 “yes” and 2 “no.” Suzy Kolber was 7 “yes” and 2 “no.” Melissa Stark was 6 “yes” 0 “no.”

In other news: Dallas beat Miami Thursday after Mark Cuban bought the referees.

-Adam Landres-Schnur


49 Responses

  1. N – not my type.

  2. N…

    By the way Zach… President Emmert mentioned our pop-tarts superstition at commencement. Call me when you get back from Costa Rica.

  3. No way. I hate big butts.

  4. pass

  5. 14 long islands? You won’t be around for the tranquilizer after that.

    Anyways, N.

  6. Racists fucks

  7. This is the white way of giving an educated beautiful Black Queen a compliment. Fuck you very much White Amerikkka!!!!

  8. As a cocksman and a gentleman, I would have to put brown sugar on all fours and make her howl like a wolf.

  9. When playing the “Who would you do” game, I rarely say no. And the fact that our girl Lisa is black doesn’t bother me at all. Even so, my answer is no. Of course, if I was real drunk and…no, no, no. My final answer is no.

  10. Hell yeah, and it would be an honor and privilege to nail her.

  11. hell yes. would put her nice ass doggy style

  12. Y- would give her sweet azz a nice Fuck


  14. you and all the homosexuals who have visited your site are fooling yourselves to think that lisa salters or any other black women would want you. and further more you queers fear a big ass because you have the slightest clue what to do with it, plus your man hood limitations would prevent you from fully taking advantage of any such situation. you are probably sitting around watching will and grace right now and dreaming that you were real men that don’t have to depend on their queer friends for approval.

  15. and a big fuckin ditto on you fuckers being a bunch of faggots. i would personally do the girl in a new york minute. but then, im a man.

  16. Y…

    That’s wifey material right there. She doesn’t get an A in looks or anything else but she’s B everywhere else which is wifey material.

    Now bang material gets an A in looks and D’s and F’s in everything else. I.E. Pam Anderson, Paris Hilton and every other skank of the month.

  17. One of the things you don’t understand is that as a reporter she is not on TV to look like a hotty. I would certainly have sex with her. She is definitely wife material. Wife material-not just having sex, but she seems to be a great companion.

  18. Eggs are delicious whether fried, scrambled, or hard boiled.

  19. NO! NO! And HELL, NO! No WAY I’d stick my dick (tranquilized or not!) into someone who looks like Warren Sapp’s little sister!

  20. i would mos definitely hit the jink damn

  21. Let see.. HMMM Lisa Salters Ass is natural. That means it is not flat, which most racist caucasian would rather have because they have little dicks. Therefore they rather deal with an inferior flat caucasian ironing board ass and down grade a natural Beautiful Black female just because they can’t handle it. It is the black women that you crave this is why you pose a ridiculous question and verbally brush with your racial views. The question was simple but as usual when you get caucasian views it turns ridiculously racial, Dumb Ass!!!!!!!

  22. n

  23. Powerful…The starting of this Dialouge set the tone. There was nothing like this on Pam Oliver? So what the &%$#?Lets Keep it simple Gentlemen….no matter what color…They are all women. So stick to the body Physics and leave the color alone. Sheesh…..

  24. I worked with her recently and I can tell you the only reason to pound that thick foundation would be to humble her high-and-mighty attitude. She wears the pants at home, there’s no doubt, as she has no time to smile, and acts better than the people who are there to make her smile. I wouldn’t go back twice, it would be only for punishment purposes.

  25. Yes – I think she’s really cute.

  26. Hey, some people think cucumbers taste better pickled.

    And no. She’s kind of a bitch.

  27. The only way my dick would get inside of her is to pass out from having too MANY LITs & have Lisa roll me over so she’d be on top & be able to stick my limp dick inside of her. I heard she played shooitng guard for the Penn State basketball team? She looks like she played RIGHT guard for the Penn State football team.

  28. nice insight there, the guy who worked with her. high and mighty attitude? great inside knowledge. thanks for sharing, my man!

  29. Oh hell no!!!! Nailing the girl form the Cosby show would be fun, but NOOOOO.

  30. I would do Lisa Salters.

    She is hot.

  31. “High and Mighty Attitude”? Sounds like you can’t handle a Strong, Smart, Intelligent Black Woman!!
    Lisa is AWESOME!!!!!!

  32. hell Y Y Y Y Y
    What. are you guys blind. This chick fine. All N’s are liars, sause if she was to show them some action they would brak a freakin leg to to readjust their schedule to get some. Thats Whats Up!

  33. i’d let lovely lisa suck my white
    schlong till it turns blue. then
    i’d glaze her pretty face with a
    load of cum…yummy!

  34. Uh, since she “plays for the other team” the answer is no.

  35. i would definitly love to bop lisa salters! she’s one great looking black girl and next to pam oliver my second favorite, once you go black you dont’ go back !!! and i aint going back !!!!!!!!!!

  36. I`m glad yall cats wouldn`t want to do her, because the image of one of you “Pink Toe” Yacubs laying down with one of our sisters turns my stomach. Stick with your wet dog smellin, anyone seen my lips,all I do is head, caucasian women!

  37. If you got a problem with her being black leave her the hell out of your crappy game. This is 2007 not 1867 where the KKK ran things. You should know better being Jewish.

  38. You’re Jewish??????? Enough said, you’re already used to playing like your people were victims. But you all are just simply stupid & dumb. Go suck a kosher pickle, loser. Leave this lovely, sexy woman out your silly game, you silly idiot. She’s way too hot and above your standard anyway.

  39. Half time head from the half time reporter, I would do it for the court side tickets.

  40. Lisa Salters is gay and wouldn’t have any interest in your little weeney anyway. So the laugh is really on you for not doing your research before posing the question on your dumb-assed, racist column. Now go drink those 14 Long Island iced-teas and may they render you comatose for a long time.

  41. You guys are all gay! You should be asking these questions about rosie o’donnel or or some over the hill woman. My answer, if she’s young with half descent looks, is always yes! (And I admit it!)

  42. yes. in a fucking heartbeat. why? because she looks like a goody two-shoes. librarian like. those types are usually closet freaks.

  43. I want to see a link of her ass…Pam Oliver has one of the best asses ever does Lisa’s compare?

  44. Your all a bunch of racists. Black is beautiful. Although there a bette women on the list, there is no need to shown your racism.

  45. Lisa is very attractive. Stop all the “we’re not diggin the Black sugar” BS. When will we stop with the race(color) crap and concentrate on the HUMAN RACE???

  46. Yes. She’s educated, speaks well and she’s HOT.

  47. Because Larry, it takes real men to tame a big booty. And you’re trying to get dumb, prejudiced children with keyboard courage to be men. They can’t/

  48. Y and Y for her and her partner

  49. The people that says N are 100percent trippin. If any of these women gave you the chance you would hit it. If not then you are gay. How is it that women with obviously womanly features are looked down upon yet the women with no shape or little shape is attractive?? Yall into boyish looking girls???

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