See the box on the left? It’s an actually replica of Ben Roethlisberger’s motor cycle helmet. And you can purchase it on eBay.

Very funny. The winning bidder paid nearly $1 for this historic heirloom. But it also got the ol’ imagination going. What else could this prized peace of emptiness also represent. So your assignment for the rest of the day is to think of things this empty box could also represent. Here is a few fairly obvious suggestions. You are expected to be more clever than this.

  • The Manning family’s Super Bowl trophies.
  • The Bish’s real hair.
  • A video tape (oops, forgot you kids are of the computer age) DVD of the NFL playoff game won by Jim Mora (the elder).
  • All of the girls Zach has seen nude. (Strip clubs don’t count.)
  • All of the great music ever created by U2.

Alright people, it’s time for work.

–NFL Adam


3 Responses

  1. all of the mariner’s quality offseason moves

  2. The timeouts the Mavs had left after Wade’s game winning FT.

  3. or…

    the amount I gave a shit about the outcome of the NHL playoffs.

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