National Nightmare is Over

Everybody had poured over all of the scenarios for the U.S. to advance in the World Cup. The big one everybody seemed to omit was the obvious one — the U.S. had to, you know, win a game.

U.S. lost to Ghana (made famous by Kamala the headhunter) 2-1 Thursday, eliminating the Americans from the World Cup. And thus, it will be killing America’s dwindling interest in soccer.

In fact, this World Cup is going to have a devastating impact on Americans. This country was ready to embrace soccer and really get behind this team. But that won’t happen now. And don’t talk about the marketing campaign, either. That Nike commercial has no flopped worse than the Dan O’Brien commercial from Reebok years ago.

At least America can now turn its attention to the Stanley Cup playoffs!

NFL Adam


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  1. hahahaha, aw this guy is a riot. Oh wait, that was me!

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