Would you do… Kit Hoover?

You kids slamming beer bongs during summer break from the University of Washington might be shocked to learn that former Cold Pizza Host Kit Hoover was once on Road Rules. That’s right, some broad born in 1970 was actually once on that show. When it was good.

Just kidding, it always sucked.

But here is a break down from the beer-pong playing, scantron using, Gen Z students at U Dub.

Why we might:

The easy answer: Star-(expletive)ing is always cool.

The more in depth answer: A lot of you, yeah right, all of you kids could use some pointers. Sure, she’s probably got panties older than you, but that might be a good thing. Too many women at U Dub have gone unsatisfied after nights with the likes of you. Having an experienced veteran show you a few tricks might be in your best interest. Seriously, the girls of the University of Washington are begging you to.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: Ewww, she’s old.

The more in-depth answer: She slept with Mark Long. Yep, the same Mark Long who was hanging out with Robin during the previous cast challenge. It is cool for an old guy like Mark to hang around, nailing college-aged chicks. It’s not so cool for Kit to show up at the local college tavern looking to get her groove packed. This chick might have been something special in 1995—when most of you were still in junior high. Plus, she went from ESPN to working for the TV Guide channel. She’s only a couple of rungs up the ladder from getting fisted by Mario Lopez in a Lifetime movie.

The answer: The answer is yes. Because many of you—alright, again—all of you are in no position to be turning down sex. Even if Kit is secretly taping it in order to have it released on the Internet in a desperate attempt to get back into the spotlight.

Lil’ Hater


25 Responses

  1. wow, harsh. I didn’t know you had it out for us Huskies so bad.

  2. and I’ll add, ummm, 2 long islands, despite the age, she’s pretty hot, and is probably a freak.

  3. It is said with love.

  4. Nope….

  5. I’ll bet Kit is a freak in the sack. She may not be a young little hotty, but she’s still getting it done. Count me in.

  6. I use ta love watching Cold Pizza in the morning just ta get a rise out of seeing a braless kit hoover shacking her tight tush.. I think She’s hot, And oh could I think of something her lushus mouth could do for me *L*

  7. Looking at the picture, and the way she keeps her slender legs apart, please book me in.


  8. y
    Done in 10 minutes

  9. She looks like a spinner. Yes. No LI needed.

  10. hell yeah! I bet she has a nice little thong on under that skirt or maybe even commando…mmmmmm serve me a slice of that pizza pie.

  11. Absolutely, 2 long islands just to loosen up a little. I would demand that the high heels stay on though.

  12. She is Smokin’ HOTT !!!!!!!

  13. Hell no, shes gross.

  14. Yeah I would, she had nice legs!!

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  16. Came across your blog while looking up some sports stuff. Your section on “Would you do…” is well-written, witty and original. It is also cold-hearted, immature and irresponsible. Of course you have the right to write about whoever you want, but I would encourage you to exercise a bit of respect for these women – who I bet you don’t actually know personally. How would you feel if one of these women were your mother, your girlfriend or sister?

    Shame on you.

    Jonathan Moore

  17. Yep.

  18. At 5:23 PM, Anonymous was told to STFU!!! Homo.

    I’d bang her senseless.

  19. Id fuck her everliving brains out because she is so hot… look at those tits and legs i want to cum in her mouth

  20. Great legs… sorely missed!

  21. I would give her the old rooterama el fresco.Then,she would slurp the knob then tongue the ballbag.

  22. Kit’s alright.. but I really miss Thea Andrews.. she was beyond hot! 😦

  23. Actually, I guy I know DID bang her . . . .

  24. Jonathan Moore, I’d call you a fag… you’re one of those guys who plays all sensitive and respect for women and all “you men are beast” just so you can get in and get laid…

    Fuck you asshole… It’s a man who wants to fuck Kat, but a real man tells it like it is… not like a boy who runs away like a pussy…
    I’ll bet you actually hurt women and children…

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