Batting average doesn’t mean shit anymore

So the All-Star rosters were unveiled Sunday and, of course, we have issues with it. The fans did a better job than they usually do — though five of the eight position players in the AL are from either Boston or New York. But the bigger issues have to do with the current batting leaders in each league.

Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer, hitting an outrageous .392 entering today, was not voted in as a starter by the fans. Tigers catcher Pudge Rodriguez got the nod over Mauer. (Mauer was selected as a reserve).

In the NL, things were significantly worse. Despite leading the national league in batting, Nomar Garciappara’s .362 average wasn’t good enough to even get selected. Phil Garner, the NL’s manager, just put a target on his back for not even choosing Nomar as a backup.

Not that the All-Star game is a big deal — really it’s just for the fans and a good break for the players — but still, isn’t batting average a pretty important category?

Oh, and apparently you could vote for the last two all-stars if that’s your thing. Um, ok.

In other news: The Chicago Cubs beat the White Sox, 15-11 Sunday behind five field goals from Paul Edinger.


2 Responses

  1. how’d the sox get 11 – 3 FGs and a safety? Or was it a field goal and then a TD and 2 point conversion? And what were they doing going for 2? Bad snap and they converted it?

  2. Ozzie is the biggest moron in this whole thing…how is Francisco Liriano not on the roster? How could he choose Buehrle over him with his 3.86 ERA?

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