Would you do Erin Andrews?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Have you seen this woman?! Andrews is ultra-mega hot. Get her in a tight shirt and she’ll give a dude Instant Boner Syndrome (IBS).

The more in-depth answer: Andrews was a member of the Dazzlers — the University of Florida dance team — while “studying” in Gainsville. We like this notion of dancers — they sorta remind us of strippers/hookers which makes Andrew’s fuckability (n. being real fuckable) skyrocket. Are we saying she’s a nympho who we could easily bang if in plain sight of her? Well, yeah, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: We are very open here about our lack of interest in the NHL. Andrews is part of ESPN’s hockey coverage so she’s probably lost about 60 mph off her vocal speed.

The more in-depth answer: Getting back to this Dazzler thing, we’re more than a little nervous about who she “dazzled” while dancing on the sideline at Gator games. Joakim Noah? Nah, that’s after her time (she graduated in 2000). Danny Wuerffel? Can’t rule that one out (maybe while she was touring the school?), but the guy did win the Heisman, so that’s acceptable. The one we’re really concerned about is this guy. Fine, so this is the guy we’re really concerned about…Mike “I’m a huge hick” Miller. They were there at the same time, and being a pretty decent college player, said gap-toother probably could pull premium tail. Enter Andrews. We have absolutely zero reason to think this other than the fact that they were at UF at the same time and she danced for his team. On second thought, we have every reason to believe it! If they indeed hit it, she might be spoiled/dumb for years.

The answer: The Miller connection is disturbing, but certainly not enough to make this a “no” vote. We’ll make it an emphatic yes on the basis of her looks and dancer skills. This would be a 0 Long Islands nod if it weren’t for the possibility that she’s tainted from her days at UF. Let’s say 3 Long Islands would be needed to make us forget about gap-toothed dickhead.

All right, folks. Your turn to decide if Andrews is worth a cheap screw: post a simple “Y” (for yes, “I’d run through that shit”), or “N” (for no, “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole”) in the comments sections.


86 Responses

  1. Um hells yes. I’ll need 4 long islands. To give to her. So she won’t remember the meaning of the word no.

  2. tell her I will, no tell her I MIGHT.

    (that’s a yes, and, well, yeah, like anonymous said, the long islands will be for her)

  3. Yes, Yes and Yes.

  4. give us a challenge here.

  5. that means yes.

  6. Yes she is hot.

  7. We’ll say no because nobody should have a perfect record.

  8. C’mon … unless you’re gay, a guy would love to sample Erin Andrews’ goodies. That’s scrumptous stuff. … it’s not like we’re talking about Michelle TaBOYA or Linda ‘run when her makeup slides off’ Cohn … we’re talking prime meat with Erin.

  9. Y

  10. This is the easiest one yet. Without a doubt I’d do Erin. There are only a couple sports babes I would rank higher.

  11. definite yes

  12. Y!

  13. I wouldn’t screw her. Instead I would allow her to tie me up and blindfold me and do whatever she wanted to do to me. Maybe she would tickle me without mercy?!

  14. Hot = Yes
    Skilled = Not so much
    Would I = Is the Pope Catholic?

    This girl is simply too hot for me to say “NO” to anything she says.

  15. Yes, Hell Yeah, she’d have seen more loads than a maytag after i was done with her.

  16. NFL Adam – I like your blog, but dude your gay if you wouldn’t hit that.

  17. Am I the only one who think she looks a little manish in that picture? I think you might be gay if you want to do her.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that.

  18. That picture is probably the worst I’ve ever seen her!

  19. Y


  21. (YYYY)es! I’d eat a bucket of her shit just to know what my throbbing, rock-hard cock felt like shoved up her ass! I don’t care how much she stumbles on-air, she could stumble, rumble & bumble on-air from now until Hell froze over as long as my dick was pumping away in between her legs.

  22. yesssssss

  23. hell yeah fine as hell/ adam youre gay faggot

  24. Hey guys, Erin is very attractive however you should respect her, not just show how you want to abuse her. She is a professional, not to mention a woman. Yes, we are to respect women, they’re not just to disrespect physically or any other way. Time to grow up & show respect for your fellow men & woman.

  25. whoever voted no is either a devout muslim or as gay as ricky martin.

    a big big YYYYY on this one.

    erin andrews is the highlander of hot sports chicks.

  26. Hell Yes! I can’t believe Kolber has more yes votes than Erin.

  27. Abso-freaking-loutely.


  28. Ahhh, YES!! How does that phrase go? Hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave!! a truly fan-fulfillingtastic body!!

  29. Ahhh YES! How does the phrase go? Hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave!!! Her body is truly fan-fulfillingtastic!!!

  30. Heck yea…and I wouldn’t even wear a condominium!

  31. Another Y+Y+Y+Y+Y+ES for Erin after her Citrus Bowl game. ABC had two GREAT shots of her FANTASTIC body! Erin has given me a permanent case of IBS for her!

  32. You’re damn right I’d do her!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Y many many times Y


  34. Given that there are times when the neighbor’s dog looks appealing to me, put me down for a BIG HUGE Y !!

  35. yes, even as a straight female- I would become a carpet muncher for someone like her!!!!!

  36. I actually know Mike Miller (more his brother and dad than him) and all but know for a fact he did not nail Erin Andrews. He’s been with his gf (now his wife) pretty much since he started at UF.

    That being said, it’s a no-brainer yes for Andrews.

  37. thanks for the insight about Mike Miller! that’s like real life knowledge we now half!

    now that we know that, we can rule out Miller…too bad.

    Thanks for the insight!

  38. The things I would eat out of her ass…you have no idea.

  39. Does a bear shit the woods?

    Hells yes.

  40. Yes, she is a GOLDEN GOD!!!!!!!!!

  41. I need to add my yes long after the fact because Erin Andrews shouldn’t be behind Suzy Kolber (except in my dreams and with various devices).

  42. HELL YES!!!! She’s SMOKIN!!!!

  43. yes i would do her all day & night

  44. that would be an emphatic YES! i was at the Ohio State vs. Michigan State game last night, and she was in top form. Ass was amazing (she was wearing a thong) and her breasts were as perfect as melons.


  45. YES

  46. Hell yes. There would be no LITs for that….don’t you know what booze does for “performance?’

  47. Are you serious? HELL YES! She is hot and she is a GATOR! A no brainer.

  48. how could anyone say no…of course, yes!!!!!!!!!

  49. Why is this even a question? But how can you make that list of other female sportscasters and not have the heavenly Lindsey Soto on there?

    Where’s the Westside love?


  50. Yes

    Erin Andrews>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  51. hell yeah, id knock the dust off that pussy.

  52. Yes with a capital Y. ESPN need to give Erin her own show, preferably so that we can see her in some bikinis.

  53. hell yes! she’s long and lean and would love to welcome a long, hard fleshy neighbor into her intimate area.

    i think she dates some hockey player, maybe from the Lightning?

  54. YES

  55. no. maybe after half a dozen LI’s, but she’s too fake. I got nothing.

  56. Yes!!

    She gives me a boner. Might as stick it in her.

  57. I would love to see the guy (or guys) behind this piece. Judging from the sound of it, you’re a sweaty-palmed fat IT nerd who had no chance of “getting premium tail” at college, or, for that matter, anywhere else. Sad, really. But I’m just saying…

  58. Yes! Of course! I’d make use of her dancing skills, too. I’ve got the stripper pole ready to go.

  59. god i would
    nice ass
    can anyone post a pic for me
    i would give that girl anal anyday

  60. Hell Yes!!! Any Time, Any Place (on her), Any Place (Where we might be)!!! If you take more than 1 second to decide this that you have got to be a catcher!

  61. ok I’ll do it for the team lol

  62. Hell Yes I would She is freakin HOTT!

  63. as another poster on another board said….she looks like trev alberts with make-up & a wig

  64. Actually, no…unless you want sloppy 25th’s. I heard that she’s done every player on the Tampa Bay Lightning. Quite the slut, apparently.

  65. Yes!

  66. Oh hell yes!

  67. Absolutely Yes!

  68. Fuck Yes! NO BRAINER!

  69. Yes.. plus you she knows her stuff..

  70. ultra-mega hot? I dunno about that. that’s an awful lot of makeup there and she just looks kinda odd. But still yeah, I guess.

  71. Man, nfl adam, you sound like Bill Conlin voting nay on Nolan Ryan for the HOF.

    We’ll say no because we have a penpal named Erin who means the world to us.

  72. She was born a man, right? It’s cool; I’m, like, totally open-minded.

  73. yes please

  74. Who wouldn’t wanna do Erin? She is HOTT.

  75. Yes…even though she may have a small case of manface, at least based on the telecast I am watching right now (Kentucy vs. Carolina)..she needs more makeup or I need more liquor…..

  76. yeah, make mine a yes

  77. What a silly question. I’d plow that to next july.

  78. Who’s the lone fag who voted no? I should smack the shit out of you

  79. Ummmm That is a BIG F**cking HELL YESSSSSSSSSSSSS… and the fact she is part of the Hockey analyst team is even better. She is definately a major cause of IBS, she might need to be reported to the CDC.

  80. She reminds of someone’s little sister. I would do her in a second. I dont care if she’s shagged Vinny Lecavalier and crew. A slut is a slut is a slut is a slut!

  81. I don’t think I would do Erin Andrews since I don’t find her as hot as Bonnie Bernstein. Bonnie has a bedroom reputation so that says it all. Also Bonnie is much, much hotter for her age!

  82. In a Florida Gator second!!! You would have to be blind, gay, or dead to say no. I mean, look at the bitch!!

  83. A big ‘ole HELL YEA

  84. Yeah – – although there are nicer

  85. Wow, yes. I’d pay to have sex with her.

  86. Hell yes, I would do her and continue to do her until she could no longer take it. She is the hottest by far.

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