A letter from Barbaro

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all of your support over the last few months. As you know, this may be the last you’ll be hearing from me. My leg is infected and it really fucking hurts. The doc may put me down soon.

But I want to thank all of you; fans, friends, peers…you’ve all been there for me since Day One. I really appreciate reading all of your signs and emails and getting to chat during visits.

Life in the hospital really hasn’t been all bad though. The nurses have been treating me well, and one nurse, Patty, has been treating me really well. (Nudge, nudge).

A lot of the other horses have been stopping by to pay their respects, as well. Bernadini, who won the Belmont Stakes, came to visit the other day. He’s doing well. We talked about how things are going on the circuit and gossiped about some fillies. We then sat down with some popcorn and Milk Duds and watched Seabiscuit. I liked it. Bernadini cried like a little bitch.

I also get to take a bath everyday. On some days — usually Saturdays — I spoil myself and take a bubble bath. Those are fun. I like to play in the bubbles.

My cast is really cool for a cast and I’m learning all sorts of neat stuff about leg injuries and infections. If I pull through, I may look into going into medicine.

Anyway, lots of writing makes me a bit melancholy, so I’m gonna wrap it up. Thanks again for all of your love and support. If I don’t make it, I may be better off. It’s been a fun ride.

Much love,


In other news: Mark Teixeira hit three homers Thursday after having special iced cream over the All-Star break.


10 Responses

  1. wow. I mean… wow.

  2. Zach:

    You do a helluva job with this blog. Very entertaining!

  3. LOL! 😀

  4. Wow, you have great english skills. Who taught you how to speak?

  5. thats hilarious.

  6. I thought they were going to let you race on two legs?

  7. Bernardini won the Preakness; Jazil won the Belmont.

  8. I think the letter would have been better with out the bad language. Get your facts straight before you humiliate yourself again

  9. what a jerk…you apparenatly have no common sense and all you want to do is make fun of the misery of others. Get a life!

  10. Your a fucking dick head. Go to hell asshole this horse is a lot better you say he was great

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