Husky hoops may become an impossible ticket

For the last few years, Husky basketball has been cool. Like the new kid at school whose nuts all the girls are on simply because he’s the “new guy.” Hec Ed is sold out nearly every game and celebrities — like the recently mentioned Shawn Kemp — are often in the house.

But now, the other Seattle basketball team — the Super Sonics — may be changing their name to the Oklahoma Sonics. Or like the Oklahoma Twisters. Hey, that’d be pretty cool. Helen Hunt was a fox in that movie.

The Sonics were sold to some rich guy from Oklahoma Tuesday, and if the folks in Seattle can’t reach an agreement to build a new arena, the Supes are out of Seattle like grunge music.

What’s this mean for the Dawgs? Well, probably nothing. Though if the Supes leave, that may make room for the Paul Allen-owned Portland Blazers to become the Seattle Tokers. That’d put Brandon Roy back in Seattle.

(Check out Brandon Roy headquarters and more UW Husky news at our other site, U-Dub Dish. Sorry for the plug. That was cheap of us. But not as cheap as the hooker The Tar Heel from YAYsports! MLB and NCAA has been buying. Zing!)

So yeah, Huskies basketball games might start getting really crowded really soon. That’s a good thing. Yeah.

In other news: Despite popular belief, the one-hitter thrown by the Red Sox against the Royals was not by Pedro Martinez.


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  1. On your question to Drew. Round card girls are as hot as hell.

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