The NIT is shrinking

It’s called the National Invitation Tournament, though the NIT would be more fitting if it was called Not Invited To the Dance Tournament. Oh, that’s an extra two “T’s” and a “D,” you say? Well, come up with your own name, you (enter a insulting/derogatory/racist slur here).

Yeah, the NIT, where stars, such as New York Knicks first-round pick, Renaldo Balkman, are born, is going to expand. The NIT will be cut from 40 teams to a more traditional 32 teams starting next season for various reasons. They mainly include common sense, seeing how now this tournament can have four regions of eight teams each.

Practicality is a pretty neat thing when you really think about it, so for all of you practical thinkers out there, well, the news of the NIT being cut from 40 teams to 32 likely just made your day.

And hey, we just made a connection: Renaldo Balkman — NIT stud — had two great games in Madison Square Garden. The NIT’s Final Four is played at Madison Square Garden. Knicks GM Isiah Thomas picked Balkman because he’ll be great at MSG!

Nah. Isiah’s just an idiot.

In other news: Reggie Bush showed up at the Saints practice today with gold cleats, gold spikes and a gold member.


One Response

  1. Does anybody actually care about the NIT? Do the players that are participating in the NIT each year actually care?

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