Junior Seau is taking lessons from Brett Favre

Linebacker Junior Seau is indecisive.

After the 12-time Pro Bowler retired in San Diego Monday, he has been talked out of it by the New England Patriots and will be back on the field shortly, assuming he passes a physical today.

This is really Brett Favre-like decision making. Favre, who toyed with the idea of retirement for the better part of a year, decided to stay in the league. Now Favre may be tackled by Seau.

It’s hard to blame Seau. He was approached by a Super Bowl quality team and an already-superior defense. It’d be hard to turn down the Pats. And $1 million, one-year contract doesn’t hurt either.

But still. Three days of retirement? Really? Did Junior even get to the golf course?

As for the picture, well, it’s strange. We’re not sure who the girl/woman is, but

a. How old is she? She can’t be a day past 18.
b. What is she doing on Seau’s back?
c. Why is Junior’s shirt off?
d. Why was this picture ever taken?

Perhaps he can explain this interesting photo to his new teammates in Foxborough.

In other news: Eli Manning threw a touchdown pass and set up another in a 17-0 win over the Chiefs Thursday after his daddy told him he could.


7 Responses

  1. So if he’s taking lessons from Favre, does that mean this story will have to drag on wih daily updates for the next 2 months?

  2. Junior baby…If you wanna retire, retire. That was the shortest retirement ever.

  3. That’s his daughter. The picture if from a set of “Pro Line” football cards that existed in the early to mid 1990s.

  4. Actually, his daughter looks older and he’s wearing Dolphins-colored shorts. So I have no idea what he’s doing.

  5. That picture is from an SI (maybe Sporting News) article from last year.

    Supposedly, she’s helping him stretch his chest.

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