No. The Raiders aren’t joking

If you haven’t heard by now, you’ve been either swamped at work all day or have been having sex for 18 straight hours. Jeff George — Jeff Fucking George! — was signed yesterday by the Oakland Raiders.

And who else but Al Davis to bring George back to the NFL? Really, could you picture George, 87, playing for a legit team? You know a team is desperate when they turn to a guy who hasn’t thrown an NFL pass since 2001.

But hey, if he’s in the league he might as well play. And we’re gonna root for him. Hey, why the hell not?

Aaron Brooks could get hurt, Andrew Walter could go back and play QB for Arizona State, Marques Tuiasosopo could play baseball like his bro, and then George is your starter.

Watch him get in there and lead the Raiders to the Super Bowl. Stranger shit has happened. The guy was the No. 1 overall pick in 1962 after all. We can just see the fans in the Black Hole calling for George like he’s fucking Rudy.

And at this point, he may as well be Rudy. He’s old, he’s ugly and now he’s an Oakland Raider. He’s as big of an underdog as they get.

In other football news: The Titans signed former Raiders QB Kerry Collins to play the vacant role of their mascot, T-Rac.


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