Ian Johnson loves to pound beaver

Don’t know who Ian Johnson is? Neither did we.

Though he will be a household name when Sportscenter is through with him. He’s a sophomore running back for Boise State and a had a career game Thursday against Oregon State.

Johnson blasted the Beaver for 240 yards and five TDs. Holy fuck!
Put that in a fantasy football league and we have a 42-point affair. That’s really a helluva game. And he did it all against a team nicknamed the Beavers.

Sometimes it’s too easy to make the obvious reference to, you know, that female body part. But it’s just really kind of fun, and while immature yes, it still can generate a laugh or two.

To say that Johnson pounded the Spartans or Bears for 240 and five scores really just sounds like something you’d read in the morning paper or hear on TV. But you don’t get shit like, Johnson fucks the Beavers. It’s really just a great timing that Johnson had his coming out game against a team nicknamed the Beavers.

Yeah, timing is everything.

The man in the picture, by the way, is named Ian Johnson. He isn’t the one who ran for many yards last night. Though you knew that anyway — the v-neck sweater was a dead giveaway, huh?

In other news: Pittsburgh beat Miami 28-17 Thursday after a Bill Cowher scowl caused Daunte Culpepper to throw both of his INTs.


4 Responses

  1. Good numbers, better play on words.

  2. I was watching that game a little early on… and saw the Beavers up 14-7. So then I watch the NFL game, turn back later in the night… and it’s 42-14! Looks out BCS!

  3. BSU is in! They have FSU at home this year, too.

  4. Who is that dude?

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