Would you do…Bonnie Bernstein?

Why we might:

The easy answer: Look at the picture. Whoa! That shit is probably more air-brushed than a Playboy spread, but still…hello! She looks ripe and eager…(and may be bottomless in that photo)!

The more in-depth answer: Just a hunch, but the name Bonnie Bernstein…gotta be a Jew. (Much like Big Picture favorite, Linda Cohn). Now we’re members of the tribe and we’re always hard-pressed to find some nice Jewish ass. Well, if Bernstein is in fact Jewish (and how the fuck could she not be with that name?!) that would up her hotness 100-fold.

Fine Jewish women are hard to come by, but she’s a knockout — and a decent sideline reporter. She’d be a nice one to settle down with and make the parents happy.

Why we might not:

The easy answer: She’s 36, and again, if she’s Jewish, she’s probably got a nice resume…not a professional resume if you catch our drift. Her number of partners probably mirrors her salary!

The more in-depth answer: Well, this is a bit disturbing:

From Wikipedia:

“During halftime at a 2001 NFL season football game between the Chicago Bears and Jacksonville Jaguars, Bernstein interviewed Dick Jauron, the coach for the Bears at that time. During the interview, she remarked, “Two dicks. Wow!” The play-by-play announcer at that time was Dick Enberg.”

The woman is down for a threesome! Usually a good thing, right? Well, hell yeah. But we get the impression that Bernstein is bossy. She’s the type that demands two dudes and would certainly not fuck around with her hot female friends. If you get the opportunity to hit it with Bonnie, be prepared to see your buddy and his junk right there with you.

All right, folks. Your turn to decide if Bernstein is worth a cheap screw: post a simple “Y” (for yes, “I’d run through that shit”), or “N” (for no, “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole”) in the comments sections.


  • <a href=”Rachel Nichols was 6 “yes” and 2 “no.”
  • <a href=”Suzy Kolber was 7 “yes” and 2 “no.”
  • <a href=”Melissa Stark was 6 “yes” 0 “no.”
  • <a href=”Lisa Salters was 1 “yes” and 5 “no.”
  • <a href=”Kit Hoover was 1 “yes” 1 “no.”
  • <a href=”Erin Andrews was 8 “yes” and 1 “no.” (The one “no” was from <a href=”NFL Adam who is being talked to about starring in Brokeback Mountain 2.)
  • Linda Cohn was was 2 “yes” and 6 “no.”

67 Responses

  1. Yes.
    She has two legs, two arms, and two boobs. Where do I sign?

  2. as long as the second dude is a Landres-Schnur I’m all about it. On second thought… only if it was 1 on 1.

  3. Uh, yes. Tony Bruno once told us that she was voted as “best ass” in ESPN. Dude was not lying. She doesn’t seem like a whore. We were at the NFL Celebrity Shootout one time and while Marcus Allen walked away with Lisa Durgen, Marcellus Wiley nailed LeeAnn Tweeden, poor Bonnie walked home alone.

    Not that we didn’t try.

  4. best ass at ESPN? I wouldn’t go THAT far – Erin Andrews probably takes that title.

  5. Yes…there is no doubt about this one.

  6. Y

  7. Yes…tho I get a feeling she likes the ladies.

  8. Yes

  9. Yes Yes and more Yes. She was looking so good during the Ohio St – Texas game!

  10. I’ll pass and look behind door number 3.

  11. Have you noticed her pipes this year? She is giving Eddie “Guns” Hochuli a run for the money.

  12. She didnt get the name “Tag Team Bernstein” for nothing. Rumor has it that she has been around the block with several members of several of the NCAAs Div 1 hoop teams. Id hit it for sure!

  13. “Y”
    Absolutely without a doubt

  14. Y. No brainer.

  15. Hell, yes!

  16. HELL YES!!!!!!!!! HOT!!

  17. her and michelle bonner are the hottest on ESPN

  18. Yes, indeed. Something about her reminds me of the chicks back in college. The “smart-whore” type. I miss college very much…..

  19. hell yes

  20. ya gotta ask?????????//

  21. Where the heck is that e-mail photo that was going around. Her college boyfriend had her naked photo and posted it to get even with her after all these years.

  22. y
    Done in 5 minutes

  23. YYYYY+++++ — Bonnie is my ULTIMATE fantasy fuck. I wouldn’t need any LITs. Nor would I want to have any. I’d want to be 100% fully functional & fully erect with Bonnie, to be able to ride her raw, in EVERY possible position I could get her gymnastically-trained body into. She gives me PERMANENT Boner Syndrome (PBS).

  24. She’s 36? That is devastating news. I am a big fan of Bonnie. No Long Islands needed for this adventure. YES

  25. YES
    Who wouldn’t nail that???

  26. she’s liked a sore dick….you can’t beat it!

  27. I would love to spend some serious time with Bonnie physically.I think she does have a great figure for her age.I would seriously do her from the night into the early hours of the day since she is so hot!

    I was wondering does anyone know how many guys/threesomes she’s had throughout her career? I know its speculation but I just want your thoughts.Also does anyone have that naked college picture of her since I would like to see her faboulous body. Thanks if you can answer all those for me.

  28. count me in she has it all!!!!!!

  29. yes

  30. Hell yes

  31. Yes!
    College Gymnast!
    Holy-flexibility Batman!

  32. God, yes! And I hope she is a whore. I want to get extremely kinky with this slut.

  33. Yes, I have wood just lookig at her

  34. very much so

  35. YES!

  36. Bonnie is a world class slut who has spread her legs dozens of times to get where she has

    She has the 1990’s Chicago Bulls starting five to her credit – MJ included and was getting boned by Scottie Pippen most often

    Then there is the rumors about her and Bill Belicheck last year and her being the cause of his divorce and the real reason she left CBS

    Super world class slut! Have to love her for it!

  37. You think she and Lisa Guerrero have banged so many guys that its only natural for them to do it after a game or something?

    Seriously those two I would love to see naked and spend some time with.

  38. You guys forgot that Bonnie’s supposedly shacked up with either Chipper Jones or Mark Wohlers–I can’t remember which one.

    Tell you what: she’s got an incredible body. You should see her in shorts. Unreal top to bottom.

    You guys wouldn’t think twice about lard-ass Rachel Nichols or cellulite thighs Pam Oliver (she is seriously ugly skank)) if you ever saw Bernstein in shorts and a tanktop.

  39. She is hot as balls! YYYYYYYY

  40. Have any of you seen her in shorts or a bra at all?

    Is her body really sexy?

    How many guys has she really done?

    All these questions need answers.

  41. Yes, but at the same time she needs a haircut (Major at that).

  42. Any news on her recently? What does she do with herself when she’s not on ESPN or finding certain players to do?

  43. I’m big on Bonnie Bernstein…

  44. Anyone who has posted on here who knows her have you ever gotten to feel her up? It must be so awesome if you did!

  45. You Kidding!!
    I would so love to fuck her!
    I wonder if she would do it with you on the first date.

  46. Yes.
    Her hot ass gives me a boner.

  47. Yes.
    Her hot ass gives me a boner

  48. Hell yeah
    I would let her rub her ass all over my dick!

  49. Hmm is there a naked picture of her sexy ass out there? I would love to see all of her naked if there was such a picture.

  50. Y

  51. You assholes are a bunch of pathetic, rumor-perpetuating morons! Yeah she’s hot, . .but can ANY of you say she can’t, or, hasn’t done her job well! ? ! ( compared to, . .say,. . . .Lisa Guerrero, or, Melissa Starks, . or any number of ESPN’s ‘hopefulls’ )
    C’mon guys,don’t slam her ’cause she’s hot, . . don’t slam her ’cause of rumors! For God’s sake, she’s adorable, . easily one of the best women in sports, and, . . well, what ? ? ? . . Rumors. . .Pathetic!
    OK, bring on the personal attacks! That’s how most of you deal with opposing points of view.Might be a little tougher here. I’m not a public figure, ie. . . a little tougher target!! Whatever, . . c’mon guys. . . Step Up to this crap!

  52. y

  53. She’s a very sexy women. I would love to feel her breasts. I bet she likes to do it in the ass.

  54. y

  55. Wouldn’t you like to have sexual intercourse with her?

  56. She’s got a sweet ass…I would tap on that shit like Gregory Fuckin’ Hines.

  57. I heard recently that she has been becoming stronger with her arms. I guess she has been working out. I think it is for her health more then anything but whoever gets to have her in the sack will feel a much stronger women. Especially for having sex she’ll be much better!

  58. how big is her bud holeeeeeeeee

  59. I would love to have some nice sex with her!

  60. Y

  61. yes, Bonnie’s the hottest sports babe around

  62. Bonnie is a cutie witha hot body… yes..yes..yes.’d do her in a heart beat 🙂

  63. Anyone have a picture of her nude or from her backside.

  64. Jacka$$’s! 36? Thats a great age. She looks better at 36 than she did at 26. She used to be greasy looking and heavier. She has really polished it up the last few years. She looks great! Id pay $5 to nail her on top of the kitchen table.

  65. Has anyone actually made a list of how many athletes/Coaches she has had sex with? I would really like to exactly know how many people she has done.

  66. Yes

  67. http://wheelhouse.blogspot.com/2006/12/happy-holidays-wonderful-wedding-and.html

    Here’s the list of who Bonnie Bernstein has banged…

    Jay Williams (Duke)
    Bill Cowher
    Bill Parcells
    Alex Rodriguez
    An unnamed Green Bay Packer
    Bill Belichek
    Shane Battier
    Gary Williams
    Warren Moon
    Patrick Jeffers (according to the internet, he “cornholed” her, which I thought was a funny way of describing the act)

    If anyone knows or has heard more please add.

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