Yay! It’s NFL talk shit week!

Usually NFL bickering doesn’t start this early. Just two weeks into the season and already two heart-warming stories about players talking shit about their coaches and vice versa. Ahh, fun stuff coming from guys who are paid to hit people, not talk.

The stories…

First we have some displeasure in the Dawg Pound. Turns out in Cleveland it’s (gasp!) Romeo Crennel (the coach) “calling the shots.” It seems our motor-cycle-riding pal Kellen Winslow thought he was the coach.

Winslow, who has played four games in his distinguished NFL career, believes his presence on the field is the key to winning football games. Needless to say, the Browns aren’t winning games, so Winslow thought he’d bitch about his coaches. Hell, wouldn’t you!?

The situation in Tennessee (also 0-2) is even livlier. Coach Jeff Fisher (who isn’t one to get in intra-team scuffles) is ripping into recently traded QB Billy Volek – something about throwing the organization and some teammates under a bus.

Maybe we’re ignorant on this subject, but an organization seems bigger than a bus, making it hard to throw it under one. Also — and we could be wrong — but an ogranization isn’t usually something tangible. It’s an idea. A concept.

And shouldn’t there be a criminal investigation if people are getting tossed under a bus? This Duquense thing is nothing compared to players tossing other players under moving vehicles. We’re guessing, by the way, that they were speaking of the team bus. That, or they were speaking metaphorically.

According to Fisher, a lie was involved, but the report doesn’t say as to what the lie was. It probably wasn’t that Volek told teammates about Fisher’s use of Just For Men hair products. Probably regarded the state of the Titans and his role with the club. Regardless, a bitter breakup is going on in the Music City.

So, good stuff out of the NFL in this the early goings of the 2006 season. And it didn’t even invlove T.O., Randy Moss, Chad Johnson or any other receiver for that matter. Wow, so much to look forward to!

In other news: The New York Yankees clinched the AL East Wednesday despite the team having a group therapy session during the third inning.


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