Last we checked, it’s called Monday Night Football

They came for football and got an extravagana!

Naturally we tuned in to the Saints/Falcons game last night. It was the beginning of a long week, we had a case of the “Mondays,” and fuck, we just wanted to watch some sports.

Well, tuning into MNF, we got a bit more than that. We’re not talking about all the emotion of the players, fans, and city. No, that’s cool. New Orleans has been through more devastation than Joan Rivers has cosmetic surgery. It’s fine that there was plenty of discussion about sports and the Saints helping rebuild New Orleans.

But the pregame/halftime events! You’re fucking kidding! We don’t need U2. We don’t need Green Day. If this is the Super Bowl, well, at least we know not to turn on the TV until kickoff.

But frankly, we tuned in early trying to here Tony Kornheiser tell a joke or two and instead we got U2’s The Edge practically shoving his guitar up Billy Joe’s backdoor.

The Mighty MJD, blogging over at the AOL Fanhouse, had a great line regarding more pregame festivities.

“Oh, good, Ashton Kutcher. I was wondering what he thought about all of this.”

Bang up job in “Dude, Where’s my Car?”

Dead on, MJD. We don’t care about Kutcher’s acting, we don’t care how often he cries after he makes love to Demi Moore, and we could give two shits what he thinks about football.

Also on hand was George Bush, Sr. Hmm. Seems like a strange guy to flip the coin. Insomniac beats us all to the joke when he says, “Atlanta calls tails. It is tails. George H. Bush does not care about the New Orleans Saints!”

Really, out of all the people they could have flip the coin they chose the father of the guy who was waiting until the next Olympic Games to send help to New Orleans?

Strange, indeed.


11 Responses

  1. George SR has done a TON for NO since Katrina. I think that huge connection is why he was there. The Mayor of NO has done a lot of nothing, except crack jokes about ground zero.

  2. nice point. thanks for the insight.

  3. what he means is that Bush and Clinton formed some sort of rebuilding fund. I don’t know if you heard that or not. It’s been everywhere.

    How can you even possibly suggest that the mayor should flip the coin? He should be shot.

  4. Lil’ Hater was none too pleased with this show, either. You need to check that out.

  5. How did I triple post?

  6. You’ve been Punk’d. Oh, sorry, the Ashton Kutcher picture got me. Actually, you’ve been linked. {It is hard sometimes to remember it’s Monday Night Football as they’re trying to broadcast as often as possible}

    I’ve included you in the current edition of A Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Blogosphere. I hope the link serves you well.

    I could have written comments on several of your postings – too many – but I didn’t want to clutter your blog. If you have an opportunity to explore Fear And Loathing – The Gonzo Papers ans choose to comment. I will follow your lead.

  7. Did I mention, you are linked at Fear And Loathing – The Gonzo Papers?

  8. I love NFL Adam’s Raiderish logo, but I won’t comment four time. I did want ot make sure, though, that you know Fear And Loathing – The Gonzo Papers has a link to you. {Perhaps we can do a link exchange} I do hope you’re smiling…although I realize you maybe hating my guts!! Smiling now maybe…

  9. Kutcher sucks.

  10. And Spike Lee provided some great insight in the booth during the game!

  11. because there aren’t enough comments already…

    that’s it

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