Monday Morning Bloggerback

Thoughts from NFL Week 4:

-Lots of defensive touchdowns. Apparently wide receivers and offensive lineman don’t know how to tackle.

-We wanted to watch the Saints and the Panthers but our good friend Joe was calling the game, so we switched to Ravens-Chargers.

-What a week for T.O.: 5 receptions, 88 yards, 0 TD, 30 pain-killers, 1 attempted suicide.

-Ravens defense: SO thuggish. Fitting that they’re from a town like Baltimore.

-Speaking of the Ravens D… smart move by Marty Schottenheimer taking the safety so the punt wouldn’t get blocked in the end zone. Not that it mattered.

-Normally we only talk shit about the Fox announcers, but today we heard some poetic words from Phil Simms: “When you’re strong and fast like Laurence Maroney, that makes you powerful.” The fuck?

-So Chris Henry was sidelined. That’s too bad. There’s always excitement when he’s around.

-The Raiders or Stanford? We’d bet on a 0-0 tie.

-Herm Edwards gets a big win and once again will be undeservingly treated like a good coach.

-Santana Moss: 3 touchdowns (including the game-winner) and probably 3 hookers. Good day.

-Reggie Williams — our boy from UW — had a helluva game. If only he was still in Purple and Gold.

-The New York Jets need to study the Cal Bears (circa 1982) a bit better.

In other news: The Minnesota Twins stole the AL Central from the Tigers because Detroit mangager Jim Leyland was too busy thanking you for smoking.


2 Responses

  1. Well, “Force=mass*acceleration” is a little too difficult for an athlete at Morehead State, so instead they just told Simms that big and fast makes you powerful- tho he somehow managed to screw that up.

    But cut Simms some slack. He’s still dealing with his gay son having his spleen removed.

  2. I think ol’ Phil may have taken one too many blows to his head during his playing days

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