"Crown their ass!"

We’re looking to “crown” a post-game tirade champion. Compare, contrast and make it happen in the comments section.

We’ll leave our own biases out of this.


Jim “PLAYOFFS?!” Mora:


(No video, but check out the audio here).



9 Responses

  1. they’re all so good, so good in fact, that I think this kind of thing needs to happen more often, WAY more often. But the top prize has to go to Jim Mora. The combination of “diddly poo” (who says that?!?!) and “PLAYOFFS!?!?” puts him head and shoulders above the rest.

  2. On PTI they called Denny Green’s outburst the best of all time. But I’m going to say Jim Mora’s is the best. All you have to do is say “playoffs” in a funny you-gotta-be-crazy voice and any true sports fan knows you’re talking about Jim Mora.

  3. Wow that is tough to vote on. I would go with “Playoffs, Playoffs”! But I could understand anyone voting for any of the 3.

  4. Maybe a little old school here but Sam Wyche had some great press conferences in his day.

    Of these three I’d have to go with Jim Mora. He has a large body of work through the years compared to Edwards and Green.

    Across the sports world Bobby Knight, and Sam Wyche would be my #1 and #2. I enjoy(ed) their press conferences about as much as I like seeing Lou Pinella uproot first base and hurling it into the outfield.

  5. Mora’s got to be the winner here, but let’s just appreciate some of the subtlties of these outbursts:

    -Mora’s arm shrug after hearing the notion of playoffs. It’s as if the chances are better of him fucking a garbage disposal than his team making it to the postseason.

    -Green’s disappointment/sadness while saying the first “They are who we thought they were.” It sounds like he might cry and then, boom!, right jab to the microphone and the rage sets in.

    Great, great stuff. The Green video is like a freakin’ train wreck. As much as I don’t want to look, I watch over and over. Awesome!

  6. My vote is “Practice? We talkin’ ’bout pratice, man! We’re not talkin’ ’bout a game. We talkin’ ’bout practice”

  7. Mora wins. Hands down, for the reason Benny noted — see, Green’s is too new to have “the Bears are who we THOUGHT THEY WERE” be a catch phrase.

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  9. Jim Mora is just hilarious. All of his rants are brilliant. He certainly knows how to dis his own team.

    Isn’t it ironic that they are now in the “Playoffs?!?” without him?

    Oh yeah, you need to check out the Coors Light commercial they just made of Mora’ playoff rant!!!

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