Barbaro ain’t goin’ out like that

So this is strange.

A possible case of equine herpes at Monmouth Park has led New Jersey sports officials to ban the shipment of thoroughbred horses out of the state.

Perhaps the horses were doing a bit too much beastiality or just cuddled up near Nicole Richie.

This seems sort of reminiscent of the movie “Outbreak.” But for horses. If these things are quarantined, what will all the bettors do?

Don’t let our little headline fool you: Barbaro’s just fine. He’s not the type to fuck around with herpes. Babs knows better than that.

Sure, it’d be likely that a huge pimp like Barbaro, who’s hung like, well, a thoroughbred, could contract herpes because he gets so much horse pussy. But Babs is smarter than that. He picks and chooses the fillies he “associates” himself with, and we know that Barbaro is a smart fucking horse.

If a broken leg can’t keep Barbaro down, equine herpes can’t either.

(Giant hat-tip to With Leather for the story).


6 Responses

  1. Well-we know where Pam Anderson’s been.

  2. two words: ron mexico

  3. nice, Anonymous! Can’t believe we missed that. especially with a picture of lil’ mexico in today’s other post.

  4. You deleted my douche bag comment… douche bag!

  5. are you guys so insecure that you can’t handle a little criticism? sack up and let people who read your blog enjoy a little open dialogue. you should appreciate that we even read this, considering the amount of better material that is out there.

  6. we do appreciate it, as a matter of fact. but if you don’t like something, perhaps you could be more specific as to what you don’t like so we can do our part to fix it.

    our game isn’t to please every person, but it’s not to make enemies either.

    drop and email or comment and let us know what you don’t like (and why you’re coming back).

    cool, man.

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