Cole Leinart is a bastard. Really.

Photo credit: Deadspin

As first reported by The Big Lead, (well, we first saw the story there anyway. But those guys do such bang-up work that perhaps they were the first to break the story.), Matt Leinart is the proud new father of a baby boy.

Remarkably, Young Matthew’s child is with his college sweetheart and USC basketball player Nick Young Brynn Cameron, and not his boo-boo, Paris Hilton.

Now we can’t blame Matthew too much. When a guy hears “women’s basketball player,” the first reaction is naturally this. But Cameron is no Rebecca Lobo. She’s pretty damn hot and you know the kid, Cole, will have just about every advantage in the world.

As for Hilton, well, fuck her (not literally, though Leinart took it that way). She’s too skinny, annoying and looks like she’s overly dependent on heroin. We’d go with Cameron over her in a heartbeat.

This, after all, is probably a joyous day for the Leinart and Cameron families. Leinart has a son who he can turn into a future star — a career that will likely go through USC. He’ll be like the Archie Manning of this era.

Cole was born out of wedlock and it seems that Leinart and Cameron have no intention to get married. But perhaps they should. Not like being in a relationship has stopped Matthew from getting groovy with other ladies before.

But a big day for Leinart, Cameron and Trojans fans. There are all sorts of high-fives and man-hugs taking place over on the USC campus right now.


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  1. This story was, like so many, first reported by a — wait for it — newspaper, like most of the news you bloggers post. Then you pass it around in your little circle jerk and play pretend journalism.

    Which is why you’re doing this instead of a real job…

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