Grand Theft Auto: Seattle

We briefly mentioned this on our other site, but don’t think we realized the magnitude and downright thuggery of this until now.

As first reported by the wonderful Wizard of Odds, University of Washington running back Michael Houston — he’s a transfer from Texas, go figure — got in some legal trouble a few nights ago. We’ll let the Wiz explain:

“Michael Houston, a transfer from Texas, was arrested on suspicion of auto theft. Specifically, a cab. According to police, Houston, two other men and a woman were picked up by an Orange Cab at a Deja Vu strip club. As the cabbie drove them to a McDonald’s, the woman allegedly spit on a window. When the cabbie stopped the vehicle, got out and called 911 on his cell phone, it is alleged that Houston jumped from the back seat to the front and drove away. “

Houston was of course arrested and has been suspended by Coach Willingham, who doesn’t preach auto theft, strip clubs or McDonald’s.

Pretty great stuff though. And in our backyard makes it even better! So this is what a guy does when he’s sitting out the year because of transfer rules. Go to a strip club, likely drink some drank, and steal a fucking taxi. Beats doing homework.

As for why the cabbie called 911 after the women in the car spit, that’s unknown. Seems like he jumped the gun, no?

For anyone who’s played Grand Theft Auto, well, let’s just call Michael Houston our new Carl Johnson. Like the car? Just take it.

But next time Michael, bring some strippers with you.


2 Responses

  1. this story is so much more powerful considering the number of times I’ve been in Orange Cabs and we’ve been to the Deja Vu in Seattle. In fact, We’ve probably taken an Orange Cab home from the Deja Vu in Seattle!

  2. Poor fucking cab drivers.

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