The SI Cover Jinx is alive and well

About two weeks ago, we mentioned how the SI Cover Jinx — you know, show up on the cover of the magazine and bad things happen — didn’t seem to apply to World Champion St. Louis Cardinals.

Well, the curse seems to have said, “Told ya so.”

After appearing on this week’s regional cover of the SI College Basketball Preview, the Kansas Jayhawks lost at home to Oral Roberts. Oral what?!?!

Not really sure how a top-5 team loses at home to a school that sounds more like a sexual act than an academic institution. Guess the Golden Eagles shooting 58% from beyond the arc doesn’t help. But we’ll attribute Kansas’ loss to showing up on the cover of a certain magazine.

You know, this isn’t such a huge deal. Just a preseason upset is all. But as we were scrolling through the other regional covers, we saw this:

AAAAGGGHHHHH!! Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck fuck fuck!!!!

Man, last year was brutal, losing to UConn in the Sweet 16 and all on a last second shot to force overtime. But if last year was as tough to take, now the Huskies are on the cover of Sports Illustrated! Yikes!

Good exposure, right? More like the kiss of death.

Oh, and North Carolina, Wisconsin and Georgetown, things may not turn out so well for you either.

In other news: After New York Knicks rookie Renaldo Balkman scored 18 points Wednesday, GM/coach Isiah Thomas hired a “professional” to pat him on the back.


4 Responses

  1. “We’re up 4. No fouls…No fouls…Ok, Jensen just let Williams go..give him the layup…

    Shit, you fouled him.”

    That night, I felt your pain.

    By the way, the Pac-10 is going to be tough at the top this year. My guess:
    1) Arizona
    2) UCLA
    3) Washington

    your thoughts?

  2. ucla

    ‘zona doesn’t have the go-to-guy the way that UCLA does with an afflalo. i just don’t think marcus williams can take over a game if he needs to. though super frosh chase budinger looks pretty good.

  3. Thank goodness they decided against having the Gators on the cover.

  4. UCLA

    But I really do think the Huskies will surprise some people, cover notwithstanding. I love Brockman’s game, and Dentmon is one of the quickest guys in the conference.

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