Would you do…Pam Oliver?

Why we might:

The easy answer: DSLs (dick sucking lips).

The more in-depth answer: Oliver has just beautiful skin. She was described on some rate-it site as, “Tasty — very vanilla mocha like.”

Sounds good to us. We’re not exactly coffee drinkers, but we know that White Russians have a nice color to them.

Not visible in the photo — remarkably, now that we think of it — is Oliver’s ass. This thing is huuuggge! Ever been to Texas? Yeah, that big. (This is a wonderful thing, by the way).

Video footage doesn’t often have a place in a “Would you do…” post, but this one is too good not to show off Oliver’s luscious backside.

(Big-ups to Dave’s Football Blog for the ass shots).

Why we might not:

The easy answer: FOX.

The more in-depth answer: Oliver may have violent tendencies.

After Oliver said Keyshawn Johnson, then with Dallas, yelled at assistant coach Sean Payton, Keyshawn got pissed and said he was going to spank her with a fucking ruler.


When Oliver was asked what she’d do if Keyshawn tried to spank her, she said that she’d punch him the face.

So, we’re mildly concerned that Oliver could kick our ass, which is about as big of a turnoff as it gets; a strong chick who can fight can be hot, but when she could take down her hubby, problems arise.

The answer: We love the ass on Oliver — a perfect 10 — but we’re afraid we may get lost. Does a butt like that come with directions? Anyway, count us in. For the record, let’s call it 2 Long Islands. That’d be just enough liquid courage to get the confidence to explore the uncharted territory that is Oliver’s wonderful, gigantic butt.

All right, folks. Are you brave enough to get jiggy with Oliver’s salt shaker
? Post a simple “Y” (for yes, “I’d run through that shit”), or “N” (for no, “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole”) in the comments sections. Also, feel free to add the number of Long Islands — if any — it would take for you to want to do the nasty with Oliver.

Standings (also found on right sidebar):

Rachel Nichols was 9 “yes” and 3 “no.”
Suzy Kolber was 11 “yes” and 2 “no.”
Melissa Stark was 12 “yes” 0 “no.”
Lisa Salters was 5 “yes” and 6 “no.”
Kit Hoover was 2 “yes” 1 “no.”
Erin Andrews was 14 “yes” and 1 “no.” (The one “no” was from NFL Adam who is being talked to about starring in Brokeback Mountain 2.)
Linda Cohn was 2 “yes and 6 “no.”
Bonnie Bernstein was 8 “yes” and 1 “no.”
Jeanne Zelasko was 2 “yes” and 3 “no.”
Andrea Kremer was 2 “yes” and 9 “no.”

In other news: After a tear-your-heart-out-and-kill-Eli-Manning-loss to Tennessee, the New York Giants know exactly who the Titans are.


75 Responses

  1. She needs to lose some weight. Maybe she should hire Nicole Richie’s stylist.

  2. I sure as hell wouldnt touch her.

    Thought though, what about Jillian Barberie?

  3. oooh, nice one Kickers Suck. maybe she’ll be next.

  4. Yes. 3 Long Islands, one for her and two for me to overlook the buck teeth.

    Sir Mix-a-Lot would like to give Pam a gold star.

  5. I’m gonna have to say no… the video is nice, but the video is not so great. When are we going to put Hazel Mae on the chopping block? She’s definitely up there on my list. I know we don’t get NESN on the left coast but still.

  6. N – she works for Fox

  7. Y, I’d run through her shit.

    You guys are pussies if you wouldn’t fuck that bitch. That fat ass…Pussy doesn’t have a face.

  8. I’m more of a white chocolate person.

    How bout considering ESPN’s Wendy Nix to your list of “Would you do?”

  9. Sounds like everyone is scared of a real booty. That’s alright, they probably wouldn’t know what to do with it anyway.

  10. YYYYYY!!!! I think Pam is a very SEXY babe with a FINE body! Regardless of race or any of that shit, I’d do her ALL night long.

  11. YYYYYY!!!! I think Pam is a VERY SEXY babe with a FINE body! I’d eat her stuff ALL night long!

  12. YYY mmm mmm mmm! She can sit on my face anytime!


  14. Pam has
    BAdunkaDUNK !
    I’d be all up in it

  15. yyyyy!!!!! that mouth… those lips…. the ass is bonus

  16. Though I’m not generally a fan of massive gadunkadunk, I’d totally hit if for nothing other than story purposes. What I can’t figure out is how smoking ass Tracy Wolfson hasn’t made it onto your poll yet. She is all kinds of hot.

  17. In a heartbeat,drinks not needed.

  18. I suppose you guys wouldn’t….if you’re carrying a 3″ tool for a 39″ ass. NFLadam thinks she should Lose weight???? Then he mentions Nicole Richie….are you serious??? That explains the asinine comment. Anyway, my answer is yes…from the back would be essential!!!

  19. Pam Oliver would leave my room limping. I would have Olympic sex with that ass!!!!

  20. Y

  21. absolutely.. ther would be a lot of jiggle and full lips to end on.

  22. Yes without a doubt and the mrs would like to join in too!! so suppose thats two for yes then

  23. hell yeah! more bounce to the ounce and I’d bounce it all night long!!

  24. I never realized how fine this woman is. I would give it to her in every position with authority!!

  25. hell no shes a nigger

  26. I knew it was only a matter of time before some racist drops a line. You are what’s wrong with America!

    And, yeah, I’d hit that.

  27. c’mon guys, leave the racist shit out of here. we won’t have any of that.

  28. Racist def. – COWARD with secret homesexual lifestyle!

  29. An emphatic YES. I’ve been totally hot for this broad for a long, long time. I’d even be happy to get beat up by her.

  30. An emphatic YES. I’ve been totally hot for this broad for a long, long time. I’d even be happy to get beat up by her.

  31. An emphatic YES. I’ve been totally hot for this broad for a long, long time. I’d even be happy to get beaten up by her.

  32. Drat! Dreaded triple-post. Sorry

  33. YYYY — No LITs with Pam. I’d want to have all of my senses in tip-top form so as to keep up with Pam. She comes off as the kind of woman who’d throw YOU on the bed & scream, “SHUT UP AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!”

  34. I hit that big beautiful ass all night long, and that pretty face I’d like fuck to, sweet ass lips could suck you all day long….you guys are some blind motherfuckers if you wouldn’t hit that sweet ass bitch

  35. I’m white and I’d smack that chocolate ass all night long……

  36. Hell are you serious? That lucious ass and sexy lips—I would marinate inside her all night long!

  37. Pam Oliver can definetly get it all night long. Nothing better than a Texas sized ass.

  38. Pam Oliver is a fucking biggot.2 black coaches will be in the super bowl…will tt make her happy ? I would let her suck my big schlong though hahahahehehehohoh !

  39. Fuck yeah I would love to fuck her all day everyday her lips look so fucking great to suck my dick plus she gots a fat juicy ass you’d have to be an asshole not to fuck her.

  40. No

  41. I’d go Klingon on that azz all nite long!! i ain’t scared of that mfning booty!!

  42. Yes
    She has the rack and she has the tail….what else do you need?…I LOVE milk chocolate

  43. just the thought of pretty pam’s
    luscious lips wrapped around my
    white cock has my dick standing at attention. hey pam, are you up
    for an interracial facial?

  44. hell yes she’s built and beautiful, what else do you need ?

  45. How do we have this poll without Summer Sanders on it?

  46. how in the name of S E X Y was
    Danyelle Sargent left off this

  47. Summer Sanders is HOT! and Jillian Barberie..but I might throw it in Pam if she was willing to close that Piranha mouth!

  48. Only from behind

  49. Are you kiddin’ me! Without a doubt the answer is YES!!!! She is hot!!

  50. Are u kidding? Hell no! Deion tapped that ass. Does anyone want to go where Deion’s been? All you’d hear while banging her is “prime time, prime time, prime time…”

  51. YES!!! More vids/pics

  52. Two words.


  53. Hell Fucking Yeah. Pam Oliver would get drilled. Yall dont like ass on this blog.. but here in ATL… shit we LOVE big asses

  54. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! No Long Islands needed. Round asses trump all and hers is perfect. I love the face by the way. The horse thing doesn’t bother me, you only see it when she smiles that way, which she doesn’t most of the time.

    If the face bothers you, just think doggie-style and what that ass looks like jiggling around on your junk.

  55. If you wouldn’t than your gay she is as hot as your going to find and has one of the best asses on the planet.

  56. All you perverted horndogs need to go fuck your vaseline jars you never get any sex mother fuckers

  57. Y – the DSL’s are one thing, I actually think she would look really pretty with a dick in her mouth cuz you wouldn’t see her teeth. But her ass is ABSURD id work that juicy thing as long as she let me, and those thighs…mmm id eat that pussy til the sun came up


  59. Pam Oliver? Hell, yeah!

    Don’t let the cowards fool you baby, that ass is GOLD!

  60. and I would make Joe Buck watch. Punk.

  61. Hell yeah. Slide that booty on over my way.

  62. With that big friggin’ forehead are you kidding me? Better turn the light off if you do cause you’ll be blinded by it reflecting off her forehead!

  63. Pam is UGLY! PERIOD! She looks stupid and most or WORST of all, she has 5 head going. That freakin’ skull and forehead are HUGE!!! Couldn’t look at that crap so how can you morons???


  65. I think Pam looks great from any angle. She is a beautiful woman just the way she is

  66. She may talk tough, but she’s just like a tootsie roll tootsie pop, hard exterior, soft interior…plus everyone know’s black dudes don’t lick pussy, so the number of licks it would take to get to the center of the tootsie pop would be 1…

  67. What a silly question. OF COURSE I’D HIT IT! I’d hit that in a meteor storm. That’s one beautiful black woman!

  68. I would hit her so hard!A fucking fox!

  69. Pam’s ass is totally RE-DUNK-U-LUST…I would BUTT-FUCK Pam from Memphis to Milehigh!!!

  70. I just luv Pam Oliver. Her tits, her ass, her mouth. She’s fuckin hot as hell! I just KNEW there were goods under all those clothes!

  71. Pam doesn’t need to lose a damn thing. She rockin’ those jeans, just right. Only a punk couldn’t –wouldn’t — handle that. See you and the round brown on Sunday, mija!

  72. i would let her sit on my face and pee in my mouth thats how fine that bitch is 2 me son!

  73. First, let me say that you guys need to be stoned. And i’d sell the tickets.

    and popcorn.

    Second, i love me some Yumyum Oliver.
    That sister is foine.

    She’s the TOTAL package and i’d have HER kids.

    THIRD, refer to the first, only with more stones and a boulder.

  74. Y – Hell yeah, I’d DO Pam Oliver! She’s HOT and FIONE as hell. After all, she’s black woman and suppose to have much ass; am I right, Pam? Oh, I love those kissable, suckable lips too! Keep on turning us on, lady!

  75. I bet she would be freaky in the bed…Hell Yeah…how could you turn down that ass!!

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