Dirtiest names in sports

We’re not big on lists around here — mainly because we can never come up with enough to make a round number, like 10 — but this one was too good to pass up. Via the site Flumesday (whatever it is that they do over there) comes the names of the gentlemen you would naturally think were just a joke. It’s not a joke. But some of these athletes are.

Here’s their list, with our commentary.

10. Gregor Fucka – The Italian basketball player calls his mom, Mother Fucka.

9. B.J. Johnson – His play hasn’t exactly gotten him ahead. (Or any head).

8. Peter LaCock – He played baseball for Kansas City, making him a Royal LaCock.

7. Danny Shittu – He’s Nigerian, he plays soccer and he’s Shittu, not shitty.

6. Harry Colon – This Lion really was a Harry Colon.

5. Lucious PuseyDeadspin was all over this one, but there’s not much of a joke to make about this one. Just look at his fucking name!

4. Dick Pole – The former San Francisco pitching coach was a Giant Dick Pole.

3. Dean Windass — Bet he’s friends with Danny Shittu.

2. Misty Hyman – She’s a U.S. Olympic swimmer and we bet Hyman broke all sorts of records.

1. Rusty Kuntz – You’ve gotta be fuckin’ kidding?! Kunzt has brilliant parents. Just brilliant.


3 Responses

  1. His rookie card should be worth mega money.

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  3. How can their parents be so mean to their kids?? We there drunk when they came up with it or did they do it on a double dare?

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