This may just be the coolest thing we’ve ever seen!

Question: Can you have a wet dream when you’re awake?

Answer: Yes. But only when Allen Iverson and Jim Mora are involved.

(Big, giant blogger reach-arounds to With Leather and J.E. Skeets at the FanHouse for finding this staggering work of genius).


7 Responses

  1. This is pretty genius. AI debuts tonight! But it isn’t the real debut. That happens when him and Melo are playing together for the first time.

  2. the two greatest press conferences of all time, combined!

  3. That video needs more guns.

    Eddie Guns.

  4. I wonder if they can work in some of Denny Green’s “crowning,” you know, crossfade that sucker in.

  5. hell ya, get the denny green meltdown and herm edwards’, “you play to win the game” speeches in there too. that may be too much!

  6. Genius!

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