JaMarcus Russell looks like a Raider. More so than Brady Quinn anyway.

Certain teams just have a look to them. Ya know, something that just captures the essence of the team. And the Raiders, more so than pretty much any other professional team, have a distinct appearance. C’mon, their fans look like this.

So when LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell announced he’ll forego his senior season and turn pro, the Raiders just seem like the perfect fit. Russell is big, mean and likely has “Bad Mother Fucker” written on his wallet.

With the first pick, the Raiders, who woulda have been better off with Helen Keller at QB this past season, will select a quarterback unless Al Davis hits the bottle harder than usual this off-season. The choices seem to be Russell, Notre Dame pretty boy Brady Quinn, or the Ohio State QB Troy Smith.

Quinn has gotten the most hype thus far. Doesn’t hurt that he’s a good-looking, white boy from Quarterback U. But can you really see Quinn in Silver and Black? The fans will eat him alive. Just imagine the gay jokes the Black Hole will swarm him with when things go south. Quinn will be told to go across the Bay to San Francisco’s Castro District repeatedly.

Russell reminds us tremendously of Daunte Culpepper with his linebacker body, strong arm and, well, that’s really all. Unless Russell is down with hookers and strippers and boats and debauchery, of course.

We aren’t experts the way Mel Kiper is, but we think Russell could be a nice fit in Oakland. He has the look of a winner, while Quinn has the look of some dude from Playgirl.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this. Who’s going No. 1? First person to say Gaines Adams, defensive end, Clemson, gets a cookie.

In other news: Louisville coach Bobby Petrino and the Atlanta Falcons have agreed on terms for Petrino to become Ron Mexico’s new wingman.


19 Responses

  1. Russell also reminds me of Culpepper in the way that sometimes he just throws balls that have no reason being thrown, and either get picked or turn into real ugly interceptions.

    He may look like a Raider, but it’s the wrong place for him to go. He better hope Al Davis doesn’t care about black quarterbacks.

  2. I’d take Russell #1, and I think he will go there. He seriously might have the strongest arm in the world… he was throwing it 60 yards on the run with a flick of his wrist in the BCS Bowl game… plus, he’s huge, mobile, and seems to have all the attributes Al Davis likes in QBs.

    Also, I would be very happy with Gaines Adams going to the Vikings at #7.

  3. Marshawn Lynch, after a trade down…….

  4. Hey Signal to Noise, what does color have to do with it? “He better hope Al Davis doesn’t care about black quarterbacks.”

    I am not accusing you of racism, it just seems funny how his color keeps coming up, I guess thats America.

    and I think you have a typo.
    “and either get picked or turn into real ugly interceptions.”

    Russell threw 8 picks against 28 TDs, I will take that ration from junior any time (don’t foget he plays against good, fast Ds in the SEC), Russell is a franchise QB with all the tools needed. Put him with Moss and Porter and he can throw it up all he wants, nobody will out jump those two guys. He has the 3rd highest rating in the nation and a better winning percentage than Quinn, who has choked at every opportunity (0-2 in bowl games, 0-4 vs. USC and beaten by Mich.). Give me a guy who plays his best games when the pressure is on any day, even if he does try to force a few. He reminds me of Brett Farve (yes, even though Farve is white!) They both have rocket arms and both think they can make every throw and they will both make plays when they need to (when other QBs take sacks), throw in the fact that Russell has 8 come from behind wins in the 4th Qrt. or later, and he is a future all-pro.

  5. don’t think color of skin has anything to do with how these guys play. and by no means are signal’s comments even close to racist.

    racism, is something we won’t stand for or kid about here.

    with that, i think quinn being a good looking white boy does come into play. could be a PR move kind of thing. he’s the face of a franchise (more b/c he’s a pretty boy than b/c he’s white) and russell doesn’t have that same aura.

    will it matter come draft time? we’ll find out soon.

  6. Zach, you’re right signal is not racist, but it seem you can’t have a discussion about a black QB without it coming up, but that is true for a lot of professions in this country. And I am glad to see somebody who holds Joe Buck in the same esteem (or lack there of) as I do.

  7. anyone who hates on joe buck is a friend of mine!

    and you’re right, despite race not being an issue, it always finds its way into the discussion.

  8. I think Zach has defended my comment adequately, but I’ll step up and say it myself: that was not intended to be racist; it was more along the lines of a failed attempt at humor to point out the color debate that’s going to sneak into the background when draft time rolls around.

    I mean, we’re still questioning Donovan McNabb in the league to an extent, and let’s not try and kid ourselves that it still plays in there too.

    Brady Quinn is an easy pin-up for a franchise. Russell will have a harder time with that — being named “JaMarcus” will make that harder in some minds.

  9. I figured Signal To Noise was making a Kanye West joke. But after watching Troy Smith on Monday, it was clear that he should be the next Raiders quarterback.

  10. wow u really think Russel would look that good against his own LSU D, If Quinn ever played against his own D he would put over 400 yds and 5 TDs and trust me he would throw an INT. ANouther thing about quinn that makes him the better NFL QB is he doenst fumble. Russel lost as many Fumbles in the Sugar bowl as Quinn did all year.

  11. You’re right signal, I don’t always get the tenor of typing, need to read into the sub text more. And all you gotta do is call him JR and be done with it!

    Hagan63, That may have been Russell’s first fumble all year, JR ‘sESPN stats. Since they count sacks against rushing yards do they list fumbles during sacks under rushing?

  12. Quinn does put up great numbers against the academy schools and Stanford. But he has been brutal against competent defenses and Michigan.

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  15. whats up fellows and should i say ladies
    i am lsu fan and a huge raider fan
    we need this kid i think he will be the difference in how we play

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