The U’s new theme song…

This is awesome! A great fight put to the sound of a truly great, underplayed song.

(Hat tip to “kickers_suck” for the video).


6 Responses

  1. Good mash-up. Feels appropriate somehow, considering the Chevy ads never bothered to put non-white people in ’em.

    I’d never heard the song all the way through before that, so I never realized how fucking lame the lyrics truly were.

  2. Yeah, MLK and Rosa Parks are not non-white.

  3. Non-white actors, then…whatever.

  4. Well the only people I remember are a bunch of white cowboys. Unless that was MLK and Rosa Parks dressed up as white cowboys. Oh, and John Mellencamp fucking sucks.

  5. John Mellencamp should not be allowed to sing anymore.

  6. “and I can stand beside, ideals I think are right…” while dude whacks another dude with his helmet. Amazing.

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