Ironic end to Seahawks’ season

Seattle Seahawks’ kicker Josh Brown hit four game-winning field goals this season, so it seems fitting — in a sick, no sympathy kind of way — that the ‘Hawks’ season came to an end Sunday on a game-winning field goal.

Robbie Gould’s 49-yarder with 10:02 left in OT clinched the game and a trip to the NFC Championship game for the Chicago Bears.

The Seahawks’ Bryce Fisher put it best.

“It felt like we were going to win.”

Yep. Felt good there for a bit. But nope. You lost, bitch. Feels like shit now, huh?

Many fingers can be pointed for the loss — we’ll point heavily at the play calling in third- (or fourth) -and-short situations. Lateral runs against a fast defense are about as smart as a crack addict high on heroin.

Despite living in Seattle, we’ve yet to really adopt the ‘Hawks as our team, so our hearts are in one piece, thank you very much. But it was certainly a tough loss for the Seahawks and the 12th Man. A game they certainly could have one. But in the end, a game-winning field goal — Seattle’s MO all year — came back to fuck them in the ass.

AFC Championship Game set: fresh faces square off

That sub-headline there would be an attempt at sarcasm, which is sometimes tough to read over the computator. But Indy vs. New England, Peyton vs. Brady, etc. is about as trite as a romantic comedy involving a kissing scene in a downpour.

Somehow we saw this coming. Wouldn’t say we predicted better seeds Baltimore and San Diego would lose, more that seeing the Colts and Pats in a championship game is almost expected. What’d you expect? Rivers vs. McNair? That shit wasn’t going to happen. Fucking Brady vs. Manning. That’s how the NFL wants and that’s how it’s going to get it.

For once though, the Colts are at home. You can expect the stadium to be loud and for there to be plenty of “Tom Brady is Gay” jokes floating around. Predictions aren’t our thing so much, but until somebody beats New England, the Pats are the team to beat. If that made any sense.

In other NFL news: Ken Whisenhunt is who the Arizona Cardinals thought he was.


9 Responses

  1. So many things killed the Seahawks. How about that Matt Hasselbeck interception RIGHT AFTER they intercepted Grossman.

    What was the final dagger was when they went for it on 4th and 1 and they couldn’t get a single yard. I think they actually lost yards.


  2. I’m still sick about it this morning.

  3. Nice blog….Get ready for non stop, round the clock coverage of Manning vs. Brady Round 17

  4. I’m pumped for the Pats/Colts game… not so pumped for the media buildup.

  5. Seahawks should be proud of themselve this year. This is Big Mikes best job as a coach ever! As a Bama man I have kind of adopted Seatle as one of my teams for obvious reasons. And yes my man showed up again Sunday. It just wasn’t enough.

  6. Go, NFC.

  7. The Broken finger on Hasselbeck didnt help either!

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