Matt Leinart and Tara Reid? Yeah, we’re not surprised either.

It seems it’s that time of the year for the Sundance Film Festival, which, as Matt over at With Leather points out, is time for cocaine and infidelity.

According to Ben Maller, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart wasn’t babysitting and was rather seen fraternizing with Hollywood slut (we think “slut” would actually be a factual term in this phrase, according to our gossip insiders), Tara Reid.

Maybe Tara Reid should have offered Jared Leto some comfort, but she spent the night trying to flirt with Matt Leinart, even though the Arizona Cardinals quarterback already had two ladies hanging off him. Apparently three’s a party, but four’s a crowd.

And the chance those two ladies hanging off him were Paris Hilton and his baby’s mother Brynn Cameron are slim to none.

Leinart, ever the bachelor, has been rumored to be flirtatious (among other things) with Hilton, Britney Spears and now Reid. Not exactly a bunch to brag about. Hilton is dirtier than a mud pit, Spears has more baggage then Coach, and Reid, well, when we type “Tara Reid and whore” into Google, we got 523,000 results.

Matthew is quite the quarterback and we admire that he stayed in college through his senior year. But if we had the pick of women that he has, um, might choose the ones not with herpes.

In other news: The T-Wolves have fired Dwane Casey for “coaching in the Western Conference.”


8 Responses

  1. Tom Brady’s leftovers???

    For shame, Matt, fro shame!

  2. wow, Tara Reid’s head on Reggie Bush’s body is quite an odd image

  3. No, no, she was also seen with Kyle Boller, too. That’s worse.

  4. Tara Reid has some black in her….

    Hey yo!

  5. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of a STD that gives you the muscular arms of a black man.

  6. anonymous,

    it’s some new string of hepatits, i hear.

  7. You’re freaking Matt Leinart and you could have a plethroa of young hotties and you take Tara Reid? He deserves whatever STDs he gets then and I hope his penis falls off then.


    Tara Reid gets it on with Sex Cannon.

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