The rollercoaster ride that is was Barbaro’s life

One minute he’s fine, one minute he’s on his last leg (get it! Get it! Nudge, nudge). What’s it gonna be?

The news on Barbaro has turned sour once again, as reports:

The Kentucky Derby winner suffered another significant setback over the weekend, and his fight for survival may have reached a critical point.

After Barbaro developed a deep abscess in his right hind foot, surgery was performed Saturday to insert two steel pins in a bone, one that was shattered but now healthy, to eliminate all weight bearing on the ailing foot.

The procedure is a risky one, because it transfers more weight to the leg.

Uh oh. This sounds bleak. But things a while back seemed bleak. It’s like the fucking Matterhorn! One day things are all sunshiny, the next week Elmer’s is getting all excited again.

We’re among Babs’ biggest fans and we’ll root for him like we root for our favorite team. We’re pulling for you, Buddy. Hang in there. And don’t let those doctors tug you around. Leave that for the nurses. But you already know that…

(Edit: That’s it. They fucking killed him! They euthanized this filly-fucking stallion earlier today. Oh my…we’re like actually sad. Wow, Barbaro has become as big a part of sports culture as Barry Bonds, the Super Bowl or the NCAA Tournament. He’ll be missed greatly. May you find happiness in the next life, Babs, and tell Seattle Slew he’s a little bitch).


8 Responses

  1. RIP barbaro

  2. rest in peace big buddy. I’ll miss you.

  3. Damn horse….why do you make me love?!!?!?!?!?!?!

  4. Now I wanna sniff some glue.
    Now I just want something to do.

  5. RIP Barbaro!!

  6. RIP Barbaro. You will be missed.

  7. Does this make Carl Monday or Berman the new SHOTY winner?

  8. True story. Lil’ Hater emailed me around 7 a.m. yesterday with this:

    Here’s Lil Hater’s take on the latest medical update on injured racehorse
    Just shoot the goddamn horse already.

    Ten minutes later that horse is dead, so he sends this:

    Lil Hater’s take on Al Davis’ attempt at running the Raiders at age 143:
    Just cover the geezer’s head with a pillow for a few minutes already.

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