Tim Legler’s engaged! And she’s hot! Whaaaat?

The Big Lead — always good for sports gossip and such — dug up this old-fashioned wedding announcement Tuesday.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Tim “Legs” Legler of ESPN fame is getting hitched Oct. 10 to a major piece of ass — Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Christina Fuller (who is 12 years his junior).

According to Christina’s bio, the quickest way to her heart is to make her laugh, which makes one wonder if Legler — who prior to his NBA Analyst days played for five NBA teams — is more entertaining in person than on TV, where he does his best impression of a brick-wall on a nightly basis.

Christina also enjoys Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries, though we call big time bullshit on that one. Just look at her! There’s no way she’s on anything but the “Lettuce and Water Diet.”

While the above photo makes Legler’s new bride look like a perfect fucking 16, don’t let the make-up, hair, and pink number fool you. Without her being all dazzled up, she’s only like an eight.

But we’re not here to find flaws. This gal is a knockout and it makes one wonder what kind of poon-tang actual basketball players are tapping. Legler, because he played for the Warriors at one point, makes him half an NBAer at best. And we’re positive that Christina loves Legler solely for his charming personality and gelled hair. She probably doesn’t even know about Legler’s dark past in the NBA.

Oh, and we got five bucks…make it 10…that those puppies are real. Takers?


15 Responses

  1. I used to think you were kidding, but now I realize you’re just racist.

  2. Gee, you say part Asian like it’s a bad thing.

    Props to Legs.

  3. (And I mean the above comment in the sense of where the sentence is placed reads like it’s a bad thing.)

  4. they look real to me.

    And seriously, when is saying somebody “looks Asian” mean being racist? Holy hell. Would it be racists if Zach said that I looked European?

  5. NFL Adam: Saying someone “looks Asian” is racist when it’s presented as one of the reasons that someone gets downgraded from hot to not. (And when it appears on the same blog that hated on Lisa Salters’ blackness.)

  6. this is all coming from the Jewish guy…

  7. Even if what Zach said WAS racist. FACE it everyone is a bit racist

  8. I used

  9. I used to bang Asian broads all the time while filming M*A*S*H on location. Let me tell you, they are hot.

  10. Is it racist to not be attracted to Asian broads? I don’t like girls from Greece or France. Is that racist? I also could never have been serious about girls with brown eyes. Again, racist?

  11. As I said on the Big Lead, I think I should have spent a lot more time practicing my outside shot when I was younger.

  12. No bet, they look real…

    real niiiiiiiiiiccccccceeeeeee!

  13. Went to college with her-she’s 1/2 Korean, part German/Irish and she’s really cool.

    They both went to the same college, but obviously different years.

  14. I went to school with her, we were in the same sorority. Boobs are 100% fake and she is half vietnamese.

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