NBC is probably paying Tiki Barber a lot of money

Hold the fucking phones: Tiki Barber is going to be on TV next season! Whoa!

We’re so shocked by this, Martin Luther King’s ghost could speak to us and tell us that his dream really consisted of two chicks doing it in the front of a bus and we wouldn’t be mildly surprised.

Whoa! Deep breathe. Exhale.

OK, now that we’ve collected ourselves, here are some details that you may or may not care about. Tiki Barber — running back, twin, bald — will work for NBC next season and appear on the “Today” show and do some football shit too.

The football-related thing is expected, but the “Today” show?! Isn’t that with Katie Couric?! OK, so morning talk shows are about as foreign to us as non-malted liquor. Couric is long gone from the show. Our bad. Meredith Vieira is now the host. Along with Matt Lauer. We smell an on-set affair, FYI.

Hey, Al Roker’s on the show too. Maybe he’ll teach Tiki all about tummy-tucks and Gastric Bypass operations.

We’re done with our little “Today” show rant. Bet it’s really pretty neat. We’re just curious what Tiki — a football player after all — will add to it. Though we’re 110% sure the on-air chemistry between Tiki and Roker will be undeniable. Yep. Undeniable


7 Responses

  1. He’s going to talk about how good Eli is.

  2. It sures seems easy to leave the NFL when you have a contract like that on your desk.

  3. Will CBS hire Ronde in retaliation?

    (a note: I really enjoy The Big Picture, and I’ve added it to our blogroll over at Turf Toe. A link to us in return would be great. Thanks!)

  4. I would talk shit about Tiki for this, but as a fellow UVA alum, I cannot criticize him

  5. I hope he sucks in the booth, like Shannon Sharpe suck

  6. The Today show?? I’m not even sure what to say.

  7. when Tiki is on I swicth channels…I will not watch him, will not buy the sponser’s products and will not watch NBC when Tiki is on….BOYCOTT TIKI BARBER! Go Jags….

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