We’ve been put On Notice

Yep, the headline says it all. Remember that little “Would you do…Sam Ryan?” post we ran a few weeks ago, well, it may have gotten us in some trouble.

A guy named Sam Ryan, who runs a blog cleverly titled, “Sam Ryan,” found our little post about the MILF-y sportscaster. If you recall, we said this about Ryan:

Sam Ryan. Say it out loud. Everybody now. The name just sounds hot.

Aaagh! Sam Ryan sounds so hot — almost pornstar-y.

But she knows her shit, is on board with suburbia and if you tell your friends you reamed a chick named Sam Ryan, they’ll instantly think she’s hot.

Now our blogger Sam Ryan, who found our site via Google, retaliates taking this shot:

This borders on defamation of character. My name is not sexy. The official Sam Ryan website, which you are reading right now, is way further down on the Google results than a blog post about whether sports fans would have sex with some random reporter. And here’s the kicker: Her real name is Samantha Dombroski. Not Sam Ryan. That is my name, and she took it from me.

This is it, sports fans. You are On Notice. Recognize me as the one true Sam Ryan, and I will consider revising my opinion of your depraved, ugly little minds.

Ha! Our “Would you do…” series beats this guy on Google, despite his name — and blog — being named Sam Ryan. Put that on notice, bitch.

(Update: Our Book of Scrap has our back! Thanks, fellas!)


14 Responses

  1. did you see that guy’s list of colleges:

    UC Berkeley
    Stanford University
    Brown University
    Georgetown University
    Pennsylvania State University
    James Madison University (Virginia)
    University of Washington

    Um. JMU over UW? JMU over any other public institution in Virginia? Are you crazy? If you’re going to shoot for UCB, Stanford, and Brown, you might as well go with UVA also if you’re interested in going to school in VA. This guy is from CA. Is JMU a safety school? This is like if some guy in North Carolina put UC Davis on his list as a safety school. What a nut job.

  2. Bitter. Very bitter man. Let me guess he knows a dude who also has the name “Michael Bolton”.

  3. That is too freakin’ funny!! He has no idea what he started.

  4. Here is what I expect to see next:

    “Hi. My name is Aaron Andrews. Stop talking about how you and your readers want to “do” me! and you spelled my name wrong!”

  5. That’s why you have to be born with a fake sounding name, like me. Seriously, who names their kid NFL.

  6. Awesome stuff. Does this mean his real name is Samantha?

    If this cat ends up at Cal or Washington, we could probably track him down. That could have its perks.

  7. “The Official Sam Ryan Website.” Seriously, this guy is joking, right? LOL.

  8. Didn’t anyone else get the idea that maybe Sam Ryan v1.0 was being slightly facetious with that post? It was REALLY subtle, but it seemed like he was also poking a little fun at the situation. I didn’t sense genuine bitterness or outrage.

    Or did everyone else already figure this out, and I’M a moron for not understanding the subtlety with which his previously subtle post was dealt with? I need a nap.

    Most importantly, I feel my earlier vote should be clarified. Sam Ryan 2.0, I would do…Sam Ryan 1.0 is a little too young and a little too mannish for me.

  9. OMDQ,

    I think he was being totally facetious…as was i. did that come across? I’m certainly not pissed and thought this was good clean fun.

  10. Sorry everybody, I was being facetious and I guess I’m not good at that yet. No personal issue here, and you’ve taken yourselves collectively Off Notice by that guy calling me Sam Ryan v1.0.

    Also, jmc, I wound up not applying to UW or JMU in case you’re interested. And to clarify, I’m from Seattle. And not legally a nut job.

  11. Zach, we cool. I like that you also use the On Notice generator site. I’m subscribing to this blog.

  12. we’re cool, Sam! we just mess around here. we actually thought your post was hilarious! good work.

    and you’re from seattle?! me too? you in high school? which one? I cover high school sports for The Times, so i know the schools around here well.

  13. Hey, you guys are getting too friendly… let’s get back and get it so you can become enemies… that’d be way more interesting reading material! 😉

  14. Haha sorry twins, maybe next month.
    I went to Ballard HS, but I didn’t play any sports… I do long distance bike rides and run track now as a senior in San Diego.

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