Guys named Barry are into drag

Who pulls off the better Paula Abdul? Bonds or Zito?

Big ups to the stallions at San Francisco Giants Jottings, via McCovey Chronicles, for the Zito pic.


7 Responses

  1. yeah that’s pretty good or whatever, but how about our boy Timmy Linc as ol’ blue eyes?

  2. I’d rather sleep with Paula Abdul and to me that is just as fun as getting herpes.

  3. i think the difference is that barry bonds has (large) boobs

  4. Damn it, I though I snaked everybody. But I’d vote for Barry because he has that East German thing going.

  5. Honestly, Bonds does not even look funny dressed like that…he looks like a dirty douche bag

  6. What the hell is up with the Barrys in SF? You know what they say about San Francisco…

  7. i know what they say about you in san francisco: “go fuck yourself”.

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