Pat Summitt is plotting

Remember back like all the way to last month when Tennessee Vols coach Bruce Pearl showed the world just how hairy his chest is?

Well you see, Pat Summitt, coach of the No. 2 Lady Vols, plans to return the favor tonight when Tennessee hosts Florida by dressing up as a hooker.

The last part we sorta made up. By “hooker,” we really mean “cheerleader,” and by “really,” we mean “speculated.” Though it does seem apparent that Summitt and her staff will attend tonight’s game with big plans in mind.

Summitt: So we should totally like dress up or some shit tonight?
Staff #1: Yeah.
Summitt: Whaddya want to be?
Staff #1: Vampires.
Staff #2: Goblins.
Summitt: It’s not fucking Halloween.
Staff #1: What about doing what Coach Pearl did?
Summitt: You mean put hair on our chests?
Staff #2: No, Coach. Go topless.
Summitt: That’s a thought.
Staff #1: What about cheerleaders?
Summitt: Can we have pom-poms?
Staff #2: Sure, why not.
Summitt: Done. Though I won’t rule out going as call girls. Or topless. I hear the boys from the Sigma Chi house will be there!
Staff #1 and #2: (Giggle like school girls)

(kickers_suck” gets a tug-job for the tip)


3 Responses

  1. Leave this broad alone. This is cool.

  2. Leave this broad alone. This is cool.

    Ugh. This is not cool. I really want to watch the game, but they’re going to show Summitt about 40 times, meaning my penis might go all Ludacris and run away and never come back.

  3. One look at her face and my penis kinda shrivels so fast as to say WTF did I do?

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