"Would you do…" Tournament: No. 1 Erin Andrews vs. No. 16 Andrea Kremer

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do…” Tournament is all about, read this first).

Here we go, folks. The first-round match up. No. 1 vs. No. 16. Can David take down Goliath?

No. 1 Erin Andrews:

Why we might:
Have you seen this woman?! Andrews is ultra-mega hot. Get her in a tight shirt and she’ll give a dude Instant Boner Syndrome (IBS).
Why we might not: We are very open here about our lack of interest in the NHL. Andrews is part of ESPN’s hockey coverage so she’s probably lost about 60 mph off her vocal speed.
Regular season “record”: 48 yes-1 no.

No. 16 Andrea Kremer:

Why we might: You could watch football with her after(or during) sex.
Why we might not: Frankly, she’s old enough to be our mom. Ew.
Regular season “record”: 8 yes-10 no.

It’s in your hands now. Who’s moving on?

Who would you rather do?
Erin Andrews
Andrea Kremer
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69 Responses

  1. Andrews, no doubt in my mind. But in the end, my darkhorse is Rachel Nichols. I dream about her every night.

  2. 16 over 1 upsets don’t happen in March Madness, and they shouldn’t happen here either.

    Ms. Andrews and her lovely bum all the way.

  3. You almost had me with the point about watching football together during sex. Almost.

    It has to be Erin, even if I would have to watch hockey with her during sex.

    I should probably stop thinking out loud.

  4. Its amazing that you even found a pic of Kremer looking somewhat attractive (middle pic)but for those few people that voted for her instead of EA, youre either gay or youre just looking to mess with the vote. This is the equivalent of John Wooden’s best UCLA team playing the NCAA play-in winner (#64 and #65)…

  5. clearly andrews. no contest

  6. You should have really had a play-in would you do.

  7. this thing was over before it started.

  8. I was thinking more along the lines of the early 80s Georgetown Hoyas versus your high schools JV team.

  9. Erin Andrews’ white scrubs jumping up and down at the end of the bench could beat Andrea Kremer’s starters. Andrews in a landslide.

  10. And watch out for Stacey Dales as your darkhorse. I have a feeling she might take this tournament by storm now that she’s been deSchumanized.

  11. I’m pretty sure IBS is irritable bowel syndrome, which is ironically, the complete opposite of instant boner syndrome, and much less pleasant

  12. Melissa Starks could be strong here.

  13. Kremer really has an Edie Falco thing going on.

  14. Okay, seriously – who are the 25 people (at this point) that voted for Andrea Kramer?

  15. Hey, I voted for Andrea. She’s a good reporter, asks good questions, doesn’t detract from the game. I like her.

    Whoa whoa…let’s take all that “women are not objects” mess somewhere else. This is all about sweater meat.

  16. Thank you, a thousand times thank you, for not putting Cheryl Miller on the list, thereby not even forcing me to entertain the possibility of… oh shit.

  17. edie falco is hit id rather bang andrea kremer … erin andrews wins this one.

  18. No question Erin is the choice here. Watch out for Stacey Dales making a strong run to the final.

  19. Seeing as this is a runaway, I have to ask the more pertinent question: Who did Andrea Kremer beat in the play-in game?

    I say Doris Burke.

  20. This would be better if the carpet munchers were eliminated

  21. Lindsay Soto, Fox Sports West, would take this tournament hands down.

  22. dude, rachel nichols.

  23. It’s just a shame Pam Ward is always up in the both and thus can’t figure into this conversation.

    I’d really like her as a #3 seed.

  24. I think Pam Ward is in the other bracket, seeded behind Chris Spielman and Dan Fouts.

  25. How did Jill Arrington not make the cut?

  26. 1. nice call with the edie falco comparison.

    2. pam ward. wow. i keep saying how great the chemistry between mike gottleib and her is. undeniable.

  27. it looks like the gators are gonna win another championship.

  28. sorry to ruin this…but based on how the brackets are right now…this one is over before it started.

    andrews knocks out kremer…the 8/9 is irrelevant…bonnie takes out michelle in the 5/12…and melissa stark rolls.

    heather cox upsets pam (thank god i’m not ward) oliver because she’s black (even the black guys will vote heather cox)…stacey takes out road rules one…rachel nichols will teeth her way to the front…and suzy kolber will “buc” her way past jeanne zelasko.

    erin rolls again, melissa takes out bernstein…stacey dales smokes the cox…and rachel nichols slurps past joe namath’s girlfriend.

    the gator beats the wahoo…and dales puns her way past nichols.

    finally in blonde on blonde action – the sooner gets rear ended by another orange and blue brigade.

    … and it goes straight to video/dvd courtesy of red light district.

  29. Rachel Nichols is soooo fine! She is gonna win it all!

  30. hey anonymous at 2:57, the point of this tournament is who you would bang, not who’s a good reporter.

  31. Andrea Kremer? Where is Dana Jacobson and her ghetto booty?

  32. That one is too easy…

  33. how is nichols only a 7, this is an outrage

  34. And I’m pretty sure I just heard Steve Lavin say that he wants an Erin Andrews video on YouTube during the MSU-Michigan game.

  35. and for the record this is the equivalent of a ’91 UNLV going up against cal state riverside.

  36. Memo to old guys – Suzy Colber is not hot. She’s a 6 seed at best.

  37. fuck your NHL dislike. Hockey is great. The NBA sucks Tim Hardaway’s balls.

  38. anonymous, 5:29:

    we don’t like the NBA much either. we find it boring and predictable.

  39. The future showdown between Erin Andrews and Melissa Stark is what I’m waiting for

  40. why isn’t holly rowe in the field,solid mid major

  41. i ain’t hatin’ but erin andrews is all rack,no biscut in the back,ass as flat as a pancake.

  42. erin andrews is gonna run through this tournament the way rex grossman would…well… run through this tournament.

  43. Let me clarify some things…

    1. I wrote this same message on Deadspin.

    2. For all you new readers, thanks for reading. Appreciate it big time. Stop by often.

    3. To do an original post, I need ample info (a good wiki page usually) and adequate pictures.

    4. That ruled out some smaller TV people and Rowe and Ward didn’t have too much available info.

    5. The seedings were based on voting when the orginal posts ran (found on right sidebar below blogroll). The reason Kolber, for example, is so high, is because I think many more people read that post opposed to, say, the one on Stark — who’s clearly hotter.

    6. Also, minus Andrews and Stark I guess, I tried to shy away from the waaayyy hot chicks. Like a Lisa Guerrero. Too easy.

    Think that’s it. Feel free to print out brackets and get the office pools going. It’ll like get you warmed up for the Dance.

    Again, loyal readers, thanks for coming back. New folks, welcome. Let’s have some fun.

  44. No Holly Rowe, Pam Ward, or Shelley Smith?


    And how did Susan Walman not make the list??????

  46. Oooh, I like the actual poll. Andrews definitely got the nod for me.

  47. Can you say mercy rule?

  48. Well, as for myself, being old-fashioned, I am completely turned off by every one of them. I turn the tv when the announcer tosses to them. And yes, i’m very heterosexual.

    I liked Erin when she wasn’t plastered all over the field and court…when she was working for TBS.
    Melissa Stark was hot, but she started the whole phenomenon years ago (the networks’ feel for the need to have sexy reporters on the sidelines asking dumb questions to pissed off head coaches at halftime…the only way to get a response from pissed off head coaches at halftime), so fuck her.
    Rachel Nichols is a joke, with the same formulaic reports every single time (always ending with something like…”I asked Coach K what he would eat before the game, and he told me ‘Cap’n Crunch!’…..Rachel Nichols…….ESPN”). She needs to be a reporter for the Disney Channel. I would actually prefer Jeremy Schaap over this bitch.

    To me knowledge is sexy, and I think Doris Burke and Michelle Tafoya are the best in the business. Sure, they’re not the sexiest, but you can tell from their questions that they knows her shit. Not the same for Erin Andrews, who has to ‘Google’ Auburn Tigers so she knows where to book her flight to. (C’mon guys, Erin Andrews is not even that hot. I see girls at the grocery store that’s got her beat, and probably know more about sports)

    Jack Arute, Jay Glazer, Tony Siragusa, Armen Keteyan, those guys know what they are talking about and they have valuable insight. True, you can’t masterbate while watching their reports, but don’t you actually learn something? Instead, you learn what the coach told his players at halftime…lame.

    Damn, I’ve been waiting years to get that off my chest.

  49. What about Bonnie Bernstein? She’d be the #1 seed in any tournament and she’s not generic. No Jill Arrington either?

  50. 3%?! How many relatives does Andrea have?

  51. Jill Arrington wuz robbed.

  52. Maybe it’s all this Helen Mirren talk left over from the Oscars but I’m voting for the older underdog Andrea Kremer.

  53. How does Rachel Nichols slip to a 7 seed? Does she lose points for blowing the Sex Cannon?

  54. I threw my remote at my plasma TV the first time I saw Kramer in high-def.

  55. Sidetalking Deb Kaufman didn’t make the cut? Damn…

  56. How is Tracy Wolfson not in this tourney?!!? Yeah sure, apparently she’s a big idiot but who cares, she’s freakin’ smoking hot. I’m going to have to abstain from voting in protest.

  57. Thea ANDREWS!!

  58. Erin Andrews is hot, even when she burps on camera, as she once did on a TBS Braves telecast. Erin, “And back to you, urrp, Skip.” Skip Carey, “Must of been peperoni pizza.”

  59. Well girls, I don’t know about you but I would do Rece Davis first, then Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit – or maybe both of those guys at the same time. Then I’d move on to Steve Levy, Jay Bilas and Dave Gottlieb. Oh, I hear Sean Salisbury has a nice penis, have to check that out. 😉

  60. Whatever happened to Jill Arrington?

  61. Always have had a thing for Bernstein , but she should have a hard time getting past Stark who is quite attractive in her own right.

    Question 1 is a no-brainer … sorry Andrea … great at your job … but compared to Erin, hot-your-not … Erin is smokin’ …

  62. ESPN doesn’t cover the NHL anymore…though maybe she did games for them four years ago when they did have the NHL.

    Andrews is justly the 1 seed. I’d put Stark right there with her, even if she has basically disappeared with NBC.

  63. how is linda cohn even seeded?

  64. Kit Hoover?!?

    Where’s the love for Thea Andrews??!!!???!!

  65. erin andres is hot and she has a nice rack

  66. Jill Arrington, Alex Flanagan, and Thea Andrews should have been included.

  67. wheres the love for jeannie zellasko (sp?). shes very hot on saturday baseball, i cant see how shes seeded lower then bulldyke linda cohn

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