"Would you do…" Tournament: No. 8 Michelle Bonner vs. No. 9 Lisa Salters

(If you don’t know what the hell the “Would you do…” Tournament is all about, read this first).

No. 8 vs. No. 9. Just flip a coin.

No. 8 Michelle Bonner:

Why we might:
Take a look at the center picture. With those “fuck me” eyes and naughty smile, it’s more like Michelle Boner.
Why we might not: Dull.
Regular season “record”: 17 yes-4 no.

No. 9 Lisa Salters:

Why we might:
Big ass.
Why we might not: Not so much our type.
Regular season “record”: 18 yes-14 no.

It’s in your hands now. Let’s dance.

Who would you rather do?
Michelle Bonner
Lisa Salters
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29 Responses

  1. 8 vs 9. And I’m a little drunk. This is going to be a tough call.

  2. Bonner.

    Salters wears too many turtlenecks.

  3. Bonner wins.

    Salters is cute, but Bonner…well.

  4. Boner is a landslide!!!

  5. Does anyone have any idea what Michelle Bonner is packing underneath the desk? She looks pretty chunky.

    I’m taking Salters because I know her thighs won’t kill me.

  6. I agree with the intern about not having alot of info about Bonner besides her face………But she’s much better looking than Salters…….Salters is kind of manly – she is a former PSU hoops player…..I’ll go with the Bonner but could see Salters giving her some trouble before prevailing.

  7. Salters looks like a dude. I don’t like getting it on with dudes. Ergo, Bonner is an easy pick, cottage cheese or no.

  8. How did either one of these women get seeded higher than Sam Ryan?

  9. This one is starting to get out of hand early.

  10. Bonner is a little fluffy but I agree that Salters looks like a guy. I’ll take cankles on a woman over a nutsack any day of the week.

  11. I like Melissa Stark coming out of this bracket. This is like the Western Conference of the NBA and the other half is like a one-legged Eastern Conference

  12. Bonner anytime

  13. How in the hell is Pam “forehead, God I can’t look at her forehead” Oliver is a 3 and Linda “her mouth is made for one thing” Cohn is a 13? Is there no justice in this world? Sheesh.

  14. Bonner underneath the desk? Actually not too bad. Occasionally, SC will have her introducing a story with a full body shot and they pan around her. Not skinny by any means but not bad. She doesn’t expand from the waist down the way, say, Jeanne Zelasko does.

    Bonner wins this one in a walk!

  15. Come on her name is Bonner…..Bonner.

  16. I know everyone is wild about erin andrews….but the more i keep seeing stacey dales on tv, i am apt to go with her…

    Like someone mentioned, andrews has a rack, but she has no ass…

    As far as this match-up, Salters is average…she’s not a dog or anything like that…but Boner wins this one for her next round match against Andrews

  17. rstiles…………I am coming to the same conclusion as you brother about Stacey Dales………..But Andrews has no ass? Unless Im way off base, the pic of her on this site wearing gray slacks shows a nice ass, maybe not Serena Williams ass but its still nice. But Im a boob man at heart so maybe I dont know a good ass from a hole in the ground.

  18. I said yesterday that Dales is my darkhorse. She’s been looking real good at the College Gamenight desk the last couple weeks. Although I guess a raw ham would start looking pretty good when it’s across the way from Digger Phelps.

  19. we can argue all we want but we know this is just a contest for the right to be shutout by Andrews, so it really doesn’t matter who wins

  20. and hey, congrats for getting blown up on deadspin. You must feel like a real celebrity. I was wondering how you got 10,000 people to vote…

  21. quit milking this thing and speed it up! there should be a minimum of 2 match-ups per day until the final 4.

    i voted for salters.

    oh, and i’ll be back tomorrow…..bastard.

  22. Salters all the way. I just do not see what you guys seem to be seeing in Bonner

  23. mike my man,

    we’re gonna milk this for all it’s worth!

  24. wastingcompanytime – Bonner is thick in the britches in the very nice way.

    Salters is a butterface.

  25. This 8/9 was a mismatch. Michelle’s surname alone puts me in the mood.

  26. Oh man oh man. Salters is getting screwed. Er, I guess she’s not. But she’s getting robbed.

  27. stacey dales is not into guys, therefore should be disqualified

  28. hate to break the news to you, but Lisa Salters was invloved with another woman when she worked in Baltimore at WBAL-TV.

  29. Bonner would get it in the throat all day for real

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